How Will Anissa Learn the True Dangers of Her Powers on 'Black Lightning'?
How Will Anissa Learn the True Dangers of Her Powers on 'Black Lightning'?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Black Lightning has shown Anissa go from a normal woman to one with superpowers. The last two episodes we've watched her learn how to control her abilities and they've grown stronger with each episode. However, there are hints that she will lose control or realize her powers are far more dangerous than she initially thinks. The question now is how she's going to learn the true potential dangers her powers hold.

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The Loss of a Loved One

During "Black Jesus," Anissa saw that her powers could seriously hurt someone. She quickly called 9-1-1 after tackling two drug dealers because of the damage she caused. It's easy to see that she could kill someone accidentally because she doesn't know her true strength just yet. This is something that would come with practice and help.

It's unlikely that one of Anissa's family members will be at the receiving end of her powers. More than likely, the victim will be her current love interest, Grace. It would be a very typical storyline for this type of show and there may be some fans that are angry (since it would mean the potential death of a bisexual character) but it would be a devastating way for Anissa to learn the true danger of her powers.

Learning that she was the reason for the death or serious injury of her girlfriend would be heartbreaking. It would be a shock to the system that would be difficult for her to deal with and that could force her into understanding more about her abilities and the life of a vigilante.

She Kills Another Innocent Bystander

Rather than the death of a loved one, a different innocent bystander could get in the way. Anissa may make a wrong assumption or hurt someone she is trying to protect. During "Black Jesus" Inspector Henderson made a point that innocent people are hurt by Black Lightning, almost as if he was foreshadowing things to come.

While not as devastating as the loss of a loved one, this would still hurt Anissa. She would still likely question her powers, but not on the grand scale the loss of a loved one would cause. Rather than possibly causing her to ignore her abilities, she would be more focused on learning her true strength and her limits. This could lead her to tell someone close to her that she has these abilities.

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Grace Learns the Truth and Leaves

A third Black Lightning theory is that Grace would learn about Anissa's abilities, seeing what she is capable of. This could scare Grace enough to make her leave, fearing for her own safety and Anissa's. It would echo Lynn's fears about Jefferson and the danger he puts himself in on a regular basis.

Grace leaving could lead to Anissa taking on more bad guys, throwing herself into a life of vigilantism. This could put her life at risk and affect the people around her. Only then may she learn the true dangers of her powers.

Do you think Anissa will kill or seriously hurt someone she loves? When will Anissa realize her powers can be dangerous? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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