'Black Lighting' Recap: Anissa Digs into Her Family's History
'Black Lighting' Recap: Anissa Digs into Her Family's History
Robin Lempel
Robin Lempel
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This episode of Black Lightning, titled "And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light," gives us more of a backstory about the Whale and Pierce's family histories. Everything leads back to Jefferson's father, who Tobias killed. Jefferson, meanwhile, learns that Tobias is back, while he realizes there are limits and dangers to his powers. 

This episode begins with Black Lightning trying out one of Gambi's newest technologies. Yes, he can fly now. While he's flying around, though, he witnesses someone on Green Light get into a fight with two cops and intercedes. He has to knock the guy out and then yells at the cops for pulling their guns out. Using his powers too much seems to have an affect on him, though, and he gets a blinding headache.

What's Gambi's Real Game?

While Black Lightning's out practicing his new flying technology, Gambi notices that Tobias is upstairs in his store. He confronts Tobias and says they had a deal and that Tobias was supposed to leave, which is very suspicious. Then he drops a huge bomb: Tobias has a serum in his body that keeps him from aging. Tobias says he knows that Gambi works for something called the ASA and that he knows Gambi knows things, like who Black Lightning is.

Tobias demands to know who he is, but Gambi plays dumb and says he doesn't know who Black Lightning is. Tobias says they both have a problem with Black Lightning and he wants to take care of it, but Gambi pulls out a gun and says his only problem is with Tobias. Clearly, there's more to Gambi than we initially thought.

Tobias' First Enemy

Tori later goes to see Tobias, who says he went to see Gambi. He wants to take Black Lightning down because Lady Eve and the others are using Black Lightning as an excuse to not promote him. But Tori says that his real problem is that Tobias never really dealt with his first, real enemy, Aldridge. Luckily, Tori found him.

Black Lightning then flashes back to their dad berating Tobias, mocking his albinism and hitting Tori. Back in the present, Tobias breaks down. Tori says Tobias will be a new man once he takes care of this.

So Tobias and Tori go to see their father, and Tobias immediately hits him. The man's still mean to them, but he says he took care of them and didn't leave like their mother did. Tobias says he can appreciate that and offers to hug him. Then he breaks Aldridge's back and says Aldridge only stayed to torture them and get money, and tells Aldridge that he's going to die slowly now.

Later, Tobias gets an envelope filled with dust and a note. Lady Eve had previously told Tobias that some people thought albinos were magical and would kidnap albinos, grind them and sell them as magic dust.

The Pierce Family History

Jenifer walks in on Anissa watching some video on people with "special abilities," and she and Anissa stat bickering. Then Anissa goes back to watching her video and learns that children with abilities disappeared a while ago.

Anissa does more and more research about a vaccine that gave people abilities. It turns out that her grandfather did a report on the vaccine, but he wound up murdered before the report came out, and the murder was never solved.

Anissa asks her dad about it later, but Jefferson chalks it up to her grandfather having "wild ideas." But then he tells her that her grandfather always did the right thing and that he saw a lot of him in her.

But Anissa's not giving up. She then goes to see the editor of the Freeland Gazette. He's been around for years and knows everything, but he clams up real fast when she brings up the story on the missing kids. He immediately kicks her out. Before she leaves, she says she heard he was a champion for the common people.

Of course, Anissa comes back for answers. So the editor gives her a box of papers that he has saved over the years. Before she leaves, he warns her that her grandfather found something big and dangerous, and that walking away may be the best thing. Then he warns, "They're watching." And if she finds out who he's talking about, she'll be killed. Well, that's cryptic.

So Anissa reads all the evidence, which includes old reports on Tobias. As we now know, he doesn't age. She also finds a key to a storage facility.

Because Jennifer stole her black hoodie, Anissa obviously has to put on her superhero costume from the party, but she rips it practicing her moves. She goes to buy a new costume and gives the guy at the store a different name.

Decked out in her new superhero costume, Anissa goes to the storage unit. She uses her powers to open up an old safe and finds some weird vial.

Jennifer's Powers Come Out

Jennifer and her friend, meanwhile, go skating, and Jennifer starts fighting with two other girls. Apparently, she's a better runner than another girl who also used to date Khalil, so let's just say things are tense. Things get physical, Jennifer realizes she's stronger than she thought and she hurts one of the girls. It looks like her powers are finally coming out.

The girl Jennifer hurt and her moms show up at the door, though, and confront Jefferson and Lynn. It turns out that Jennifer broke the girl's wrist. They start arguing, but Lynn calms everyone down and they all sit down and wind up getting along until Jennifer gets home. Then things get frosty. Jennifer explains herself, and Jefferson's pretty impressed that she took on two girls, but Lynn grounds her and tells Jefferson to teach her not to fight.

Later, Jefferson says that how you respond in a crisis is your choice and that you have to regulate your emotions. You should only fight to put a fire out, not to fuel the fire. And, usually, the best choice is to just walk away.

What's Going on with Jefferson?

After getting his headache, Jefferson goes to the pharmacy and overhears a customer arguing with a cashier. He sticks up for the customer getting angry and starts to feel severe pain and almost loses control of his powers. Something's seriously going on with him. Ultimately, Jefferson buys the guy new medicine if he promises to help someone else in need.

Before Jefferson can go to bed, Gambi texts him about the drug Green Light, so Black Lightning has to go back on the case. Black Lightning breaks into a building, but some racist shows up and threatens him. Black Lightning attacks him, though, and learns that some guy named Joey Toledo pays the man to pick up and drop off chemicals for Green Light.

Well, Jefferson knows who Joey Toledo is. And he's furious. Joey Toledo used to work for Tobias. Jefferson is enraged and confronts Gambi. Gambi knows everything and should know that both Joey and Tobias are still around. Gambi says he doesn't know anything, which is a total lie. He was talking with Tobias in his shop earlier. But before they can get into it any more, Jefferson totally collapses.

Gambi calls Lynn in to look at Jefferson and tells her that Jefferson's been having headaches and exhibiting aggressive behavior. It could be related to his Black Lightning suit. Suddenly, Jefferson gives off some electricity and wakes up. He wants to go get Joey, but Lynn tells him he needs to stay and rest.

Later, Black Lightning goes to talk to Henderson, but he stays out of sight. He gives him a tip on Joey Toledo. Joey's back and very involved in Green Light. Black Lightning even left a burner phone in Henderson's car so he could get in touch with him if he finds Joey. It's his own personal Bat Signal.

Jefferson then sees Lynn, who examines him and argues with him again about going out as Black Lightning.

Later, Jefferson starts working out again and gets a call from Henderson, who thinks he's calling Black Lightning. Apparently, he's working with the vigilante he hates so much now. He saw Joey's ex-girlfriend and a guy matching Joey's description and gives Black Lightning the info. So Jefferson suits up, despite Gambi's warnings.

Black Lightning finds the girlfriend and demands her phone. She gives it to him and runs away, and he texts Joey to come outside. He does, thinking it's his girlfriend, and Black Lightning beats him up. He demands to know where Tobias is, but Joey winds up fighting back, and Black Lightning's powers stop working!

What's wrong with Jefferson? Who was the editor warning Anissa about? Whose side is Gambi really on? And when will Jennifer realize that she has powers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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