Sneak Preview - Isaiah Washington's 'Bionic Woman' Debut
Sneak Preview - Isaiah Washington's 'Bionic Woman' Debut
Isaiah Washington will be making his return to television in next week's episode of Bionic Woman, “Paradise Lost.”  The actor will play an operative assigned to watch over and mentor Bionic Woman Jamie Sommers as she begins her career with the top secret agency that converted her without her consent.  Some clips of Isaiah's performance have been released by NBC, and have them below.

Washington's deal with NBC was controversial on a couple of levels.  One, because the actor – some say wrongly – developed a reputation for being an on set bully who spewed homophobia at gay cast mates.  Washington has denied these allegations, claiming that the incidents were taken out of context.  He wasn't calling the gay guy a [British Slang For Cigarette], he was calling the guy he was choking a [British Slang for Cigarette].

Regardless, NBC swooped in to sweep up the ashes of his career and offered him a contract.  Can you say stunt development deal?  ABC president Stephen McPherson was suspicious of the timing of the deal, suggesting that it might indicate Washington had been negotiating while still under contract, which would amount to conspiring to breach his contract.  The allegations were never muttered again.

So how is Washington's character turn on Bionic Woman?  Excellent.  Washington does his thing very well and creates a character that is intriguing from the word go.  When you first watch him in action here, it's almost as if you've forgotten that the man was one of the best actors on television.  In the first scene, he is meeting Jamie incognito.  This is before he will meet her later on to more or less take over her ‘case.' 

As you can see, Michelle Ryan and Isaiah are really covering the spectrum here, and you can tell that there is potential for some real intensity. I have a feeling once we start seeing Isaiah involved in the action driven moments of Bionic Women the righteousness of this casting will ring true.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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