Executive Producer Glen Morgan No Longer 'Bionic'
Executive Producer Glen Morgan No Longer 'Bionic'
NBC's Bionic Woman has yet to premiere, but it has already undergone major script changes and behind-the-scenes shakeups, with the most recent being the departure of executive producer, Glen Morgan.

Morgan, known for his work on the hit sci-fi series The X-Files, has left the show due to creative differences.  He and the show's other executive producers, David Eick and Jason Smilovic, had conflicting ideas for the re-imagined series.

"Glen Morgan has helped create a great template for Bionic Woman but has decided to pursue other endeavors now," Universal Media Studios, which produces the show, said in a statement.  "We wish him the best."

Morgan is not the first to leave the crew of Bionic Woman.  Laeta Kalogridis teamed with Eick to write the pilot script, but eventually left the series.  Smilovic then entered the picture, helping Eick to rework the pilot script, and was later followed by Morgan, who was supposed to serve as showrunner alongside the two executive producers.

Other changes include the recasting of Michelle Ryan's (Jamie Sommers) sister and signing up Isaiah Washington (Grey's Anatomy) and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) for recurring roles.  A subplot involving Jamie's deaf sister was also scrapped after a number of advocacy groups complained the actress not only had hearing but also signed badly.

Despite the numerous changes, Bionic Woman is still set to premiere on Wednesday, September 26.

Shortly before Morgan left the series, he was interviewed by the New York Post, with whom he shared his views on the show.  Morgan told the tabloid that for him, a remake is justified only when it manages to make viewers forget the original.  He also expressed concern over balancing “mythology,” or an overarching plotline, with stories that can stand alone.

"You can't have too much mythology, so you go a couple weeks with standalone episodes and then reward constant viewers," Morgan told the New York Post.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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