Isaiah Washington to Take on ABC in Primetime War
Isaiah Washington to Take on ABC in Primetime War
Isaiah Washington has gotten a measure of revenge against at least one faction of Grey's Anatomy, the embattled acid tongued actor has scored a recurring role on NBC's reimagining of The Bionic Woman. NBC's reworked Bionic Woman will be airing against Washington's former Grey's Anatomy co-star Kate Walsh's Private Practice, and as any Lost fan knows, Wednesday is a very genre friendly night.

Private Practice seemed doomed to begin with, first facing the time slot staple Criminal Mind's, then being boxed in by NBC's science fiction offering Bionic Woman.  The trio of shows gives viewers an eclectic menu to select from for sure.  And don't forget that Wednesday night typically belongs to American Idol come mid-season.

Despite Washington's generally loathed outbursts, the actor still maintained a passionate fan base following his ousting from Grey's Anatomy.  Many of Washington's fans echo his own sentiments that he did the rehab, he did the apology, what more should he be required to do?

Washington has kept the controversy revving louder than ever with his recent insinuations that co-star T.R. Knight actually twisted his words and used what was an innocent, misdirected slip to twist the networks arm and profited with a character boost and a raise.

The furor raised by Washington's copious media presence can only help Bionic Woman, which like most science fiction shows is seen as a long shot – particularly sandwiched between a police procedural and a medical drama. Some might say getting Washington to square off with one of his former network's rising stars in a spin-off of the very show he was bumped from is as much a desperation move as it is a stroke of genius.

According to a press release by NBC, Washington's character will appear in five of the first six episodes.  According to the press release, Washington plays “…a mysterious person who is brought into the enigmatic scientific organization that is responsible for creating the bionics that turn Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan) into the Bionic Woman.  His agenda is unclear as he instructs Jaime on how to handle her new abilities."

If Washington's character is well received, he may appear in more episodes as Bionic Woman's season continues.  In addition, as part of Washington's deal he was able to pitch a possible action/drama vehicle for the 2008-09 schedule, which the network is said to be interested in moving into development.

Despite the general sentiment that he would ‘never work in this town again,' Washington was humble in responding to the various media requests for comment on the recently closed deal. "I am grateful and honored by NBC's belief in me, and I am looking forward to getting back to work." Washington said through a press release.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: LA Times
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