'Bionic Woman' May Come to a Halt Soon
'Bionic Woman' May Come to a Halt Soon
The edgier, if not darker, remake of Bionic Woman may wind up yet another casualty of the ongoing writers' strike.  If the standoff between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers isn't resolved expeditiously, there may not be enough material to take the freshman series past January 2008.

According to industry personnel, between five to six American television shows are likely to be out of written scripts in the next couple of months.

Bruce Scott, secretary treasurer of the Teamsters Local 155, whose members work in film and television, named Bionic Woman, Reaper and Men in Trees among the handful of U.S. programs that could be out of material anytime from halfway through the month until January next year.

Tracey Wood, director of industrial and external relations for the B.C. branch of the Canadian Film and Television Production Association, said Bionic Woman is on the brink of shutting down production due to a lack of stockpiled scripts.  Wood estimates that the sci-fi series, which is filming at Vancouver Film Studios, employs about 100 local people.

Peter Leitch, president of Vancouver's leading film studio facility, North Shore Studios, fears the worst for the host of currently airing series that are being shot in Vancouver.

"It's unlikely any of the ongoing series [are] going to have scripts stockpiled; usually they are trying to catch up.” Leitch remarked.  “It's going to be problematic for television.”

Well, if Bionic Woman is forced to cease production in the event of a long writers' holdout, its star, Michelle Ryan, may find the time to fulfill her dream of also getting into the movies.  The 23-year old actress, who spent five years on the British series, Eastenders, has expressed a desire to act on the big screen, now that she's already headlining her own small screen vehicle.

“If it all goes to plan I may break into movies too," Ryan has stated.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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