Bionic Woman: Episode 1.3 "Sisterhood" Recap
Bionic Woman: Episode 1.3 "Sisterhood" Recap
Bionic Woman "Sisterhood" kicks off with Jae teaching Jamie that she is capable of changing the programming within her, with practice. Transition to lunch with Becca, interrupted with a call to intercept a nearby terrorist. Jamie sends Becca off with a credit card so she can confront Mr. Badguy. She knocks him out in his car to await backup. The life of a Bionic Woman is never dull.

Jonas (Miguel Ferrer) is whispering some sweet nothings to Ruth, but it turns out to be a lie detector test. She is convinced that he has beat it. But was he lying? Is this the beginning of a little middle-aged love action?

Anthros (Mark Sheppard) is hanging out with Sarah Corvus (Katee Sackhoff) who seems to be having some issues. He tells her that the Bionics are causing problems for her, and if he can analyze Jamie, he might be able to help her.

Jamie arrives at headquarters and finds out she is going to be assigned to protect a cranky teenager. Joy.

While Jamie and Becca dance, Sarah closes in on their apartment. We get a little flashback action of Sarah hanging out with her sister. They are drinking and driving and Sarah's sister is egging her to go faster. They get broadsided Jamie style, and her sister is killed. The more Sarah listens to the wholesome sisterness going on, the more ambivalent she seems to be about mission.

While Jamie sleeps she gets an image that seems to be coming from Sarah, and it is. Seems they have a device which gives them the ability communicate pseudo telepathically. Sarah is trying to convince her that she is there because she needs help. Jamie is equipped with a video camera in her brain that streams to headquarters, so the boys in black are on their way. She invites Jamie to meet her at a secure location.

Jonas is ticked. He wants Jamie locked down. Jamie says no way, she wants to draw Sarah out and find out just what she wants. Jonas agrees, reluctantly. Jamie says that if she brings Sarah in, she wants her helped. That's a little implausible seeing as though Saran killed Jamie's unborn child, and the love of her life.

Jamie gets tired of babysitting so she drops the kid off at HQ before going to visit Sarah. Sarah tells Jamie that she is sick from the beta version of the anthrocytes and needs some help. Sarah tries to convince Jamie that Will wasn't such a nice dude and had been priming her to become bionic. The crew shows up to arrest her and Jamie tells her to leave. I'm still not buying that Jamie actually feels sorry for Corvus. It's just hard to reconcile with the pilot.

Sarah has a definite ally now, which is a big mistake. Cue Antonio Pope. He comes in and decides to show Jamie that she is not all that. He comes at her with a crow bar and basically invites her to kick his ass, after she calls him "bitch."

Corvus is in her apartment getting the shakes, she injects some of the miracle dope that Antrhos senior gave her and has a moment of calm.

Jae talks to Jamie about Sarah holding grudges, and now she seems concerned. Wow. Did I miss something? Ruth is giving the brat some therapy and when Jamie comes in she is purring like a kitten. Jamie takes her for a pedicure. Once out in the wild, though, she is right back to her old attitude. Sarah shows up.

Finally the babysitting gig pays off and a couple of goons come in. Jamie does her thing and actually asks Sarah for a hand. She winds up having to ask please. Sarah jumps into the fight. Don't tell me the show is about to be called "Bionic Women." After clearing the bad guys Sarah teaches her how to disable her own GPS system. Sarah tells her that she needs to come along with her to Anthros so he can upgrade her and save her life. Jamie says no.

Jamie drops off her charge and heads home to Becca. Meanwhile, Sarah and Anthros are talking. Anthros seems to be all about having Sarah kill off Becca so that Jamie will relate to her pain. Jamie comes home and guess who has moved in downstairs? Sarah is at the bar sipping tea with Becca. Becca passes out, and Sarah tells her that if she does not come with her to Anthros she will kill Becca. While they banter, Jamie reconnects her GPS and camera forcing Sarah to leave.

The episode ends with "To Be Continued." Very odd. Hopefully the show will settle into some sort of consistency. This episode continues to support character turns and a revisionist attitude towards the events of the pilot that don't really fit.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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