Bionic Woman: Episode 1.2 "Paradise Lost" Recap
Bionic Woman: Episode 1.2 "Paradise Lost" Recap
Bionic Woman's pilot was a landmark for NBC's opening week, but will the second episode live up? The second episode opens with Jamie (Michelle Ryan) at Will's funeral. There seems to be continuity flaw after continuity flaw here. Didn't Jamie give a speech on doing "this, whatever this is," but on her terms? When she runs into Jonas she has either had a change of heart, or the writers forgot that minor detail.

Jamie goes to Will's apartment and finds a hidden file on her, which seems to suggest that she was being targeted. The file dates back to before Jamie and Will met. Jamie decides to drown her sorrows in shots of whiskey and some casual sex in the bathroom with a perfect stranger. After she breaks the guys rib, Jonas shows up talks to her about the company. They are a covert agency out to stop forces from destroying civilization. Saving the world, in other words. Jamie declines, and takes a moment to pray to the porcelain.

Becca is caught smoking pot at school and Jamie shows up to defend her. Becca is impressed with Jamie's handling of the situation, assuring the principal she will be punished, but at the same time convincing her not to take drama club away. Cut to Jamie hanging out with her friends, one of them has been accepted to a prestigious law school. Jamie has a ringing in her ears, and is feeling a little down on her self, so she retreats to the safety of a book store.

Isaiaha Washington, AKA Antonio, comes in trying to be inconspicuous. Isaiaha Washington, inconspicuous. Right. Antonio gives her a little council that is designed to get her thinking about her special abilities. Will it work? It better or we won't have a show.

All through the first act we are getting background on a small town being quarantined. People there are dying for some mysterious reason. Jonas and his people are watching it for some reason.

Jamie hears a weeping woman and finds a woman about to commit suicide; she saves her, naturally. Jamie goes to Jonas and says she wants to give saving the world a go. Jonas brings in Antonio, turns out he is going to be her supervisor. Nice.

Jamie goes in to get the ringing in her ear checked out, and the tech winds up fixing it by smacking her in the head. I had a TV like that once. Afterwards she spends some quality time with Antonio who does a little psychoanalysis on her and then turns her over to Jae for some fighting training. He tells her that the fighting Corvis used against her was meant to calibrate her own combat systems.

We get a montage of Jamie doing one-armed pull ups and various other training scenes accompanied to tough chick rock. Jae gives her a run down of her abilities and then gives her a little background on Sarah. Sarah essentially went crazy from her powers and eventually joined rogue forces.

Jonas and Ruth are talking about the town, trying to figure out what is going on there, and Jamie weasels into to going along for the ride. The name of the town is Paradise. Population 201, and probably dropping fast. As we watch Ruth go from checkpoint to check point, we find out that the organization definitely acts outside of normal channels.

Jamie gets a little quesy after they examine one of the bodies. Turns out the entire city was killed by a manufactured toxin that was only active for 12 hours. Looks like a terror attack of some sort.

Back at headquarters, Jae finds a yellow rose and a note on his desk. It winds up being from Sarah, asking him to meet her. Meanwhile, Antonio finds out that Jamie is in the field and gets a little ticked at Jonas. Back at Paradise, Jamie and Ruth enter a house where Battlestar Galactica is playing on the TV. Creepy. They find a teenage girl brushing her teeth.

Jae arrives at 'the yellow rose' hotel. Turns out he and Sarah had some romantic encounters there. Jae has a gun ready when he enters the room. Sarah is there, she walks up to him and asks him if he is going to kill her again. He lowers his gun. Hope Jae survives, he's a cool character.

Back in Paradise, we establish that the girl survived the toxin, but has no idea that the town is deserted. Unless I'm daft, though, the city was in the background as being quarantined for a couple of days? Continuity flaw number eight. Jamie and the girl go for a stroll and run into some soldiers with instructions to kill them. Jamie takes a call from her whiney sister before kicking the stuffing out of one of the army dudes. Becca is using her typical threat of moving back in with her father. Ruth shows up and they get and run into Antonio and his team who are there to save the day, naturally.

Sarah and Jae do the wild thing. She wants to know what he is going to do now. He says he doesn't know. She tries to convince him that she was hacked.

Jonas dons some gear and gets his hands dirty as well, busting the paramilitary group that was out to gas cities. Afterwards, Jamie and Jonas talk. She feels good about what she did. She's definitely in. Cut to Becca's talent show. Apparently she does well. Some sisterly bonding does away with Becca's notion of moving back in with her father.

The preview for next week's Bionic Woman shows that Jamie and Sarah are possibly going to team up. that would be interesting, for sure.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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