'Big Love' Season 5: What to Expect?
'Big Love' Season 5: What to Expect?
"I'm Bill Henrickson, and I believe in the principle of plural marriage."

For those of us who love Big Love, those words rocked our world last season, when Bill and his brood "stepped into the light" following his election to statewide political office. The season 5 premiere -- which kicks off the final batch of episodes -- is our much-awaited chance to find out if Bill's fateful choice to go public will change everything. And rest assured -- things will change.

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So what do we expect for Season 5?

Barb, Making That Jump
Doubtless, Barb's (Jeanne Tripplehorn) I-don't-think-I-need-you-anymore shocker sent shockwaves to the entire Big Love universe, but few fans didn't see it coming. Not only did the election transform Bill into an alienated and confused character, it further drove Barb away, weary as she had been about his tireless ambition. When she tipped off that station about Bill's love child, we kind of rooted for her, because like her, we've just had it with Bill.

Or maybe she'll just run off with the casino guy.

Nicki, Fighting for the Red Dress
It's kind of nice to note that Barb and Nicki (Chloe Sevigny) were fighting over the red dress for Bill's press conference.

But Nicki, crazy Nicki, realized that -- gasp -- she loves Bill. But not in Big Love kind of way, but that strange love that prompts people to want someone all to themselves. Anyway, as the two other wives were drifting away from Bill this season, Nicki went the opposite route. The whole burning of the crazy J.J. clinic in the end made them closer. That the daughter of Roman Grant is possibly having second thoughts about plural marriage should be a wonderful subject to explore in season 5.

Margene, Growing Up?
Thanks to the success of her business, Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) had sort of found her footing as far as establishing herself in the family is concerned. But just like Barb, she's torn about being there for Bill when he came out or just staying married to Goran for the sake of her business. This went haywire when the happy couple confided in her that they're OK with a three-way marriage. Exploring that little revelation is a good springboard for Margene's season 5.

Or he can run off with Ben. Or launch a tetherball tournament.

What do you want to see on Big Love season 5?

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