Wichita Station Catches Up with 'Big Brother' 8's Jessica Hughbanks
Wichita Station Catches Up with 'Big Brother' 8's Jessica Hughbanks
It has been over a month since Jessica Hughbanks' ride ended on CBS' eighth edition of Big Brother.  CBS' affiliate television station in Wichita, Kansas, KWCH Channel 12, managed to catch up with her early this month during practice sessions of the Wichita Thunder dance squad.

The native of Haysville, Kansas became an instant celebrity after spending three months as part of Big Brother 8.  She was the fourth to the last person eliminated from the competition, together with her Big Brother showmance partner, Eric Stein, when they were booted out in a surprise double eviction.

According to Hughbanks, she and Stein are still together despite the fact that she's back in Kansas and he has returned to the Big Apple.  She did mention that he may be paying her a visit in Kansas in the near future.

"We're dating,” Hughbanks told KWCH.  “I guess he's my boyfriend."

Although the Big Brother couple must endure a long distance romance for now, Hughbanks won't have much time to be lonely for her new beau, with all the events that continue to await her since returning from the reality show.  Among the activities she still has lined up are the Shocker Madness basketball contest she will be judging at Wichita State University (WSU), an autograph signing at Jock and Jill's, taking part in the Haysville parade and making an appearance for the Odessa Jackalopes.

Hughbanks has had very little time to herself since leaving Big Brother.  She's been to Seattle for a live internet interview, to Los Angeles for a reality TV awards show and has been besieged with over 18,000 friends on her MySpace account.

"It's great when people come up and say we enjoyed you on the show,” Hughbanks stated.  “It just makes me feel good knowing people were backing me up the whole time I was there.”

With everything that has happened since she became a public figure, she has been forced to take this semester off from WSU.  While she admits to enjoying her newfound fame and popularity, Hughbanks also expressed eagerness to get back to her old life.

"I am ready to looking forward to dancing again and going back to school."

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: KWCH
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