Why Paul Should Keep Cody in the House on 'Big Brother 19'
Why Paul Should Keep Cody in the House on 'Big Brother 19'
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Of Big Brother 19's many rivalries and feuds, none has been as consistent or bitter as the one between Paul and Cody. Since the very first night, Cody has not been a fan of Paul and he's made that known quite clearly. Now that Jessica is out of the game, Cody has no one to calm him down and he will likely go after Paul with every ounce of his energy. It's normally never a good idea to leave someone in Big Brother who wants you out, so Paul will undoubtedly try to target Cody, but it would be in Paul's best interest to keep Cody in the game as long as possible.

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The Devil You Know ...

On the live feeds, it appears that the initial plan for Alex's Head of Household reign, spearheaded by Paul, is to backdoor Cody for eviction. Plans can always change in Big Brother, especially with the Temptation Challenge this season, but Cody still seems to be Paul (and the house's) number one target. This is a silly plan. It's because Cody is incredibly unpopular that Paul should be trying to keep him around. Paul needs bigger threats in the house to draw everyone's focus. There is no one better to fill that role than Cody. 

Cody wanting to get Paul out of the house and being able to pull it off are two very different things. Cody would not only have to win Head of Household to make Paul's eviction happen, a lot of other things would have to fall exactly into place. The most important piece of the puzzle is getting enough votes. Cody is never going to campaign for votes or play a good social game, so even if Paul is on the block come eviction night, his ouster will be far from ensured. Paul should be smart enough to realize this fact and use it to his advantage. 

No one in the Big Brother 19 house, except for Mark and maybe Elena depending on her mood, likes Cody. Paul is sitting very pretty in the house as long as Cody is around. Everyone's energy is focused on Cody and how much they don't like him. No one can really focus on how much Paul is running the game when Cody is there causing chaos. Chaos isn't just good for Paul's game in Big Brother 19, it's the whole foundation. Without Cody, Paul has nothing. 

Rolling the Dice

Paul might be on top in Big Brother 19 but it is a throne that is made from a house of cards. It's not stable. Paul's game is all fear tactics and loud "friendship." He's no mastermind. Paul has united the house over their mutual dislike of Cody. Once Cody is removed from the picture things are going to start crumbling very quickly. 

The first targets after Cody might be one or both of the showmances but afterwards Paul's alliance is going to turn on itself and Christmas has already made it quite clear that she knows Paul can't be completely trusted. Once the immediate threat of Cody is eliminated, Paul is going to emerge as the biggest threat. 

Paul has done maybe not an admirable job, as it has been based on nasty behavior, but an impressive one of controlling the house. All of Paul's control is based on this one very detested person. The best thing for Paul's game is for Cody to make the target on his back bigger and bigger. Paul should want Cody to go up on the block and pull himself off time and time again because it just makes himself look better and Cody look that much worse. If Cody goes, people are eventually going realize that Paul is their biggest obstacle to winning. 

Paul might have control in the game but it's all risk. It's best for Paul to go all the way with that risky game and try to keep Cody in for just a little bit longer. He might be increasing his chances to go up on the block but he'll also be increasing his lifeline in the game.

But what do you think? Should Paul try to keep Cody in the game? When and if Cody goes will Paul soon follow suit? Do you think Cody could get Paul evicted? Do you see anything weakening Paul's control?

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