Why Lane Should Win 'Big Brother 12'
Why Lane Should Win 'Big Brother 12'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In this three-part series, I'll analyze the pros and cons of the final three HGs on Big Brother 12 and see whether they truly deserve to win.

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Lane is, without a doubt, my favorite HG left. His brilliantly Southern charm and comedy have won me over, and his seemingly earnest devotion to Britney gets a lot of respect from me as well.


Loyalty: Lane was a servant to two masters, and he played it perfectly. He was loyal to the Brigade and loyal to Britney, even when it seemed he couldn't do both. He never turned on either alliance, and that kind of loyalty could earn him the respect of the jury.


Lack of Accomplishments: Despite finally trying in the final HoH, Lane went out of his way to avoid getting any blood on his hands, which also resulted in him accomplishing very little. He threw many competitions (the surf board endurance HoH and the final PoV just to name a few) in order to avoid doing anything. While he wanted Britney in the end, he purposefully didn't want to win the last PoV because then he would've had to choose between her and the Brigade. It might be a successful strategy to take you far, but the jury might see his lack of wins as a sign that he doesn't deserve to win.


If this is the final pairing, it might depend on who wins the last part of the HoH. If Lane wins and takes Hayden to the finals, his dedication, wit, social game and competition wins (three victories compared to Hayden's four) might earn him an additional vote from Ragan and maybe Rachel. However, I still think Hayden would win handily.

If Hayden wins and takes Lane, it should be a fairly big landslide, with the outside shot that Britney votes for Lane simply out of loyalty.

This could be the ultimate battle of the dodos. If Lane wins the last part of the HoH competition, he has three wins compared to Enzo's one. Both were in the Brigade and both played great social games, so it could be a very close vote. However, even if Enzo gets Kathy, Brendon and Rachel, I think Lane could make a strong enough argument to win Hayden, Britney, Ragan and Matt.


Lane will almost certainly lose if he takes Hayden to the finale and he will definitely lose if Hayden takes him. His only shot is winning the last HoH and evicting Hayden. A Lane-Enzo final two might not seem good, but it's his only shot at $500,000.

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