Why Hayden Should Win 'Big Brother 12'
Why Hayden Should Win 'Big Brother 12'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In this three-part series, I'll analyze the pros and cons of the final three HGs on Big Brother 12 and see whether they truly deserve to win.

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In my mind, out of the final three, no one deserves to win more than Hayden. He played the game harder than Lane or Enzo, manipulated more, won more competitions and, overall, cared more about strategy.


Strategy: Once Matt got closer to Ragan, Hayden decided to take over the role of the Brains of the Brigade. He spent a lot of time with ducks, pretzels and anything he could grab to plot out all the possible outcomes of his decisions. He also appeared to be the mastermind behind the plan to backdoor Matt during Britney's reign as HoH. Hayden was certainly playing a game of chess while Lane and Enzo were playing Connect Four.


Lies: Hayden may have lied more than anyone in this house. He promised loyalty to the Brigade, then betrayed Matt. He assured Brendon he was safe during the double eviction, then plotted his exit. He told Britney he wanted her in the final three with him and Lane, then turned on her and saved Enzo. If people play personally, all that ill will could cost him.

He also liked about winning prizes during the Big Brother Zoo Power of Veto competition Hayden won $5,000 and a trip to Hawaii. Enzo, Lane and Britney already know this, but if it comes out, the jury may feel he already has enough.


If Hayden wins the last part of the HoH and chooses to take Enzo to the finale, he should certainly win. While Enzo played a good social game, so did Hayden, but the difference is that Hayden also played a good strategic game. If these are the final two, I honestly see Hayden winning unanimously.


If this is the final pairing, it might depend on who wins the last part of the HoH. If Hayden wins and takes Lane, it should be a fairly big landslide, with the outside shot that Britney votes for Lane simply out of loyalty.

If Lane wins and takes Hayden to the finals, his dedication, wit, social game and competition wins (three victories compared to Hayden's four) might earn him an additional vote from Ragan and maybe Rachel. However, I still think Hayden would win handily.


If Hayden is in the final two, he will win. He knows it, Lane and Enzo know it, and I know it. Right now, Big Brother 12 is his to lose.

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