Why Enzo Should Win 'Big Brother 12'
Why Enzo Should Win 'Big Brother 12'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In this three-part series, I'll analyze the pros and cons of the final three HGs on Big Brother 12 and see whether they truly deserve to win.

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This could be the single hardest thing I've ever had to write, because I honestly don't believe Enzo deserves to win at all. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible.


The Social Game: Even though Britney was trying to butter up Hayden when she raved about Enzo's "immaculate" social game, she wasn't wrong. Enzo was a goofball who no one took seriously, and therefore, no one bothered to target him. He was the last HG to be nominated, and even then it came with Britney swearing on her life that he wouldn't go home. He also refused to take sides in any dispute, befriending Brendon, Rachel, Britney and Ragan, something which seems impossible.


Lack of Accomplishments: Based on competitions, Enzo is the biggest loser in Big Brother history. He played in 21 HoH and PoV competitions, more than anyone else this season, and he only won one. And if his hype is to be believed, he was actually trying to win a lot of them. You don't need to win every competition to win Big Brother, but it would be nice if you won more than a single Veto against four other people.


If Hayden wins the last part of the HoH and chooses to take Enzo to the finale, he should certainly win. While Enzo played a good social game, so did Hayden, but the difference is that Hayden also played a good strategic game. If these are the final two, I honestly see Hayden winning unanimously.

This could be the ultimate battle of the dodos. If Lane wins the last part of the HoH competition, he has three wins compared to Enzo's one. Both were in the Brigade and both played great social games, so it could be a very close vote. However, even if Enzo gets Kathy, Brendon and Rachel, I think Lane could make a strong enough argument to win Hayden, Britney, Ragan and Matt.


I highly doubt the jury would give the win the Enzo, especially since the huge fans like Rachel constantly talked about wanting a competitor to win. However, Enzo's best hope is for Lane to win, because the two of them played nearly identical games and Enzo's charisma could sway enough people to make him the winner.

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