Who Is the Most Delusional 'Big Brother 14' Houseguest?
Who Is the Most Delusional 'Big Brother 14' Houseguest?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It takes a certain amount of self-delusion to appear on Big Brother. By going into the house filled with cameras that film you 24/7, you're clearly under the impression that you are worth watching.

There are constant conversations inside the Big Brother 14 about how the HGs think they're being perceived and what other HGs thinks about them. And that's where things get truly delusional.

This season, more than most, seems to be full of HGs with a wildly massive gap between reality and their perception. In some ways, all seven of the remaining HGs have deluded themselves into thinking something that isn't necessarily true.

Here is a brief rundown of what makes each of the final seven so delusional, then you can vote for who is the worst.


Frank insists that he has a great social game despite the fact that he has been nominated EVERY SINGLE TIME he hasn't won HoH. His delusions get even worse because, even though he's been lied to and betrayed by his alliances time and time again, he still has trust in people. This week in particular he seems to believe he will stay over Joe by a 3-1 or 4-0 vote, when the reality is that it will be just the opposite. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. That describes Frank perfectly.


Jenn has been nominated twice, once against Boogie and once against Frank. What makes her so delusional is that both times she got very angry and thought she was the target. There's a huge gap between how good of a player she thinks she is and how good of a player everyone else thinks she is, because no one actually perceives her as a threat. She's a pawn who thinks she's a queen.


Her obsessive love for Shane is enough to make her delusional, but it's her willingness to believe others that is truly astounding. Danielle spends more time than anyone else in the house worrying about how she's being perceived because she doesn't want to be seen as a villain. That's not delusional (although the fact that she thinks it's because she evicted Janelle kind of is). The crazy part is that others are able to convince her otherwise, that she's NOT being portrayed as a stalker.

Shane and Joe

BuddyTV user koikuro summed it up best: "Watching Joe and Shane talking game is like watching Dumb and Dumber." These two are so embarrassingly bad at the game and ignorant of how it's played that whenever they talk to each other about strategy, it's just laughably sad. Shane does admit to not knowing a lot of the show (he'd never seen it before getting cast), but that doesn't make it any less delusional for him to actually be talking to Joe as if those two are a brain trust coming up with ways to win and pull the wool over other people's eyes. Every time I watch Shane think, I can almost see the monkey pedaling a bicycle to power the motor in his brain.


Ian is an odd duck. Sometimes he does seem like the evil genius he claims to be, conspiring with Dan and the Quack Pack. But other times he acts like a little kid, like opening Christmas presents and oohing over Legos the same way I did when I was 9. Ian's delusion is that he sees himself as a villain when, as far as I can tell, he's basically a willing tool for Dan, Danielle and Shane. Frank initially thought Ian was simply brainwashed by Dan. That's not entirely true, but I think Ian may have actually washed his own brain.


Dan might be the least deluded person on the show because he understands and acknowledges his own hypocrisy. That either makes him brilliant or the most delusional one of all. He's always reading the Bible, swearing his allegiance to everyone, but he willingly admits that he's lying and deceiving people to win the game. I respect players who can separate the game from real life, but Dan's almost criminally insane ability to compartmentalize his emotions might make him more delusional than everyone.

What do you think? Which Big Brother 14 houseguest is the most delusional?

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