Who is the 'Big Brother 13' Hot Dog Eating Champion?
Who is the 'Big Brother 13' Hot Dog Eating Champion?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Things inside the Big Brother 13 house are getting a little boring. The HGs have reached the point of the season where they've said everything there is to say and are forced to fill the time with silly, pointless activities.

And thus, the Big Brother Hot Dog Eating Competition was born.

It all began with a typical show of male bravado as Adam and Brendon debated who could eat more hot dogs. To make things interesting, they set their showdown for Tuesday night, preparing 10 hot dogs with buns for each competitor and setting a 10-minute time limit on the competition.

Everyone gathered to watch and cheer on their favorite, but once it began, it was very clear that one competitor was head and shoulders above the other.

In just over four minutes, Adam ate all 10 hot dogs and buns, dominating Brendon, who still had three left. To top it all off, and at Jeff's insistence, Adam put an exclamation point on his victory by swallowing a raw egg.

With that, Adam, the bacon-loving 90210 aficianado, defeated rocket science enthusiast Brendon to become the Big Brother 13 Hot Dog Eating Champion.

It was kind of disgusting, especially with the raw egg chaser, but it killed some time, which is something. It follows a series of other time wasters from Big Brother 13, including the drinking game Big Booty, Brendon and Dominic's staged superhero fight, Brendon and Rachel's fake wedding and, Rachel eating a tablespoon of cinnamon and most recently, the introduction of two new HGs, Phillip and Elizabeth.

Who are Phillip and Elizabeth? They're the glasses-wearing, socially awkward and nervous alter egos of Adam and Porsche, and their timid selves even got together on a first date earlier in the week. These two may not be good at competitions and they're just floating through the season, but at least they enjoy taking on new personalities.

Yes, this is what watching the live feeds, and Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime, has become. We watch make-believe weddings, fake dates and competitive eating. Hopefully they'll get more creative as the season progresses, because watching the HGs sleep all day is extremely dull.

What's been your favorite time-wasting activity of Big Brother 13?

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