What Would It Take To Be on 'Big Brother' 12?
What Would It Take To Be on 'Big Brother' 12?
CBS' Big Brother celebrates a dozen seasons this summer, as the renowned reality TV series returns for another run. With casting underway and excitement high, we're expecting a lot from this new bunch of houseguests.

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But so far, there haven't been any picks yet. That's why we're looking at what it takes to be a contestant on Big Brother 12. We're betting brains and brawn aren't the only requirements though.

Big Brother Network talked to Kassting Inc.'s Senior Casting Director Tedd to find out what personalities they're looking for on this year's Big Brother installment. The answer, apparently, is simple: personality. But not too much.

"Be yourself," he advised. "This was the most frequent piece of advice given out at the audition. Relax, stay comfortable, and just be yourself. Don't overthink it."

It's also best if you don't plan everything and go there with a scripted speech. You do have to be interesting though, just to catch the eye of those casting.

"Kassting Inc. producers are pros at putting together the best casts, so show them who you are and they'll know what to look for," Tedd went on.

As we've seen on Big Brother, practically anyone can succeed at getting into that house. However, grouping together several strangers isn't all that easy. They're looking for those that really stand out, while blending in with the rest. Yes, well, it's confusing.

"Anyone could make it. They're looking for the best applicants. One region of the country isn't any better than the next (so don't go flying to the Alaska audition thinking you've got an inside track!). Young or old, you've got a fair chance."

Those hoping to join Big Brother 12 can actually still make it. There are several more auditions to be held around the country, which you can read about here. The link also contains an interview with casting head Robyn Kass, who gives tips on how to impress the judges.

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Don't miss Big Brother 12 as the house opens its doors this July on CBS.

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