What One Change Would You Make for Big Brother 11?
What One Change Would You Make for Big Brother 11?
Big Brother 10 is over and done, and now begins the long death march across a normal TV season until the show returns.  Big Brother fans are as rabid and tunnel-visioned as any fan base out there.  For a significant number of Big Brother fans, it is THE show, the one they obsess over and look forward to, even when its premiere is more than half of a year away.  Speculation about another winter edition of Big Brother ended last week when CBS announced that Big Brother 11 would premiere next summer.  This is all but etched in stone, barring another catastrophic TV event, like last year's writers' strike that forced Big Brother into the winter.  Unfortunately, this means that we have months and months to fill before Big Brother returns.  We can't just have zero Big Brother coverage at BuddyTV, correct?  So, this is one of the things we're going to do - Let's all have a long-term discussion about what should be changed for Big Brother 11. 

I'm relying on all of you to help shepherd this along.  In the comments section below, I want you all to nominate at least one major or minor change that you believe should be instituted for Big Brother 11.  It could be anything from the abolition of slop to an increase in houseguests to a different episode schedule.  You can be brief or you can express in detail what your change(s) should be. 

After we get a bunch of possible changes offered in the comments section below, we will pick the best suggestions and go one by one through them, analyzing their relative merits and possible drawbacks in individual articles.  Not only will this shed some light on where the collective Big Brother fans heads' are at, it will hopefully help fill the expansive void of Big Brother's extended hiatus.  There is no suggestion too slight or too extreme to warrant consideration. 

Comment below. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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