The 5 Best Moments of 'Big Brother 10'
The 5 Best Moments of 'Big Brother 10'
Yesterday's feature, The 5 Worst Moments of Big Brother 10, set off something of a firestorm in the comments section.  I suppose that was to be expected.  Big Brother fans can get fierce in their loyalties.  That's the beauty of the series.  As opposed to most reality shows, in which how the show is edited greatly influences how characters are portrayed, Big Brother lets its audience spend so much time with the contestants that we all can get a good feel for who they actually are as people.  Stronger opinions are formed, and we are all thusly more passionate about defending or smearing their character.  No one likes to read something negative about a person they legitimately like.   Conversely, it can be personally baffling to read good things about someone you can't stand.  I get it.  Which is why a lot of you will surely disagree with what I've come up with in my five best Big Brother 10 moments. 

Let's say you loved April and Ollie.  I'm not sure there are a lot of people who do love April land Ollie (I personally wouldn't understand it), but I'm sure they are out there.  For them, a lot of their favorite moments would involve those love birds.  Or, if you loved Michelle, she had a plethora of memorable moments.  Michelle appears nowhere in my favorite moments.  With all this in mind, I encourage everyone to let us know what you think the best moments were.  If you have qualms with the ones I've chosen, fine, feel free to rip me a new one, but I'd love to hear which moments you think I may have missed.

Big Brother 10
was, despite a fair amount of fighting, a pretty happy season for the series.  No one, as we look back, truly hated each other.  April pretended to hate Keesha, but I doubt that was legitimate.  Libra certainly had her enemies, but she was just kind of a loose cannon, and I doubt that anything that was said in the house remains personal to this day. 

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