Tex's Take: Week 10 Preview and Speculation
Tex's Take:  Week 10 Preview and Speculation
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Well, I can't say that I'm surprised by tonight's outcome. Even though I don't like Eric, I was hoping he'd win that last Head of Household competition just to shake things up. Then when he didn't, I was hoping that Zach would win the Power of Veto competition, use the veto, and shake things up. I was just an 0 for gopher today. Zach did win the veto, but he didn't use it. It would have made it interesting if he'd used it to save either nominees and made Dick put his own daughter on the block.

I have to admit, I'd have never picked these particular four houseguests to be the last four standing. I thought that maybe one of the Donatos would make it to the end, but not both of them. I figured Zach was a goner way early when the rest of his alliance was gone. I'm glad to see Jameka still there, but I really didn't expect her to make that deal with Dick. He said that he was going to make her swear on her Bible to have his and Daniele's back. I wonder if he really worded it that way. I just don't see her doing that, and Daniele even told him that.

Spoiler Alert: The end of the article contains results of the latest Head of Household competition

I didn't like that last Power of Veto competition at all. It was so fast moving, there was a big margin for error. I really didn't see all the balls put into the tubes, and it was possible for that blue one to hit something and take a bounce into her tube. But then again, the color was so similar that she may have made a mistake. And what was with Dick putting that ball into his pocket? Could he have put that other one in her tube? Just speculating here.

Julie Chen announced that on Sunday we will see the next Head of Household competition, and that Tuesday will be another live vote and eviction. It's time for Jameka to step it up. No one will willingly take her to the Final 3. They don't think anyone can beat her in the Final 2, and I don't think they will chance her possibly winning the three-part final Head of Household competition.

If Jameka makes it to the Final 2, she just may win this thing. She'll probably have Dustin's, Amber's, Jessica's and Jen's votes. Especially if she's up against Dick. That's all she will need. I'm not sure about Zach in the final 2. Against Dick, he might win. I don't see him winning against Daniele or Jameka. Daniele can win against her dad, maybe, and Zach, probably. Dick will probably not even try to win over Daniele, but he may be able to sway a few votes his way against Zach.

"Dick and Zach"Finally the live feeds are back on. Apparently they had another Head of Household competition and Zach was the winner! Wow, who woke the bear up? He's been playing balls to the wall the last few competitions. It was like he didn't even exist the first half of the season. He's guaranteed himself a place in the final three and I think I'll stop doubting him for winning the final HoH.

Big Brother After Dark came on with Daniele whining again and being mean to her dad. She lost the competition by one point and she's ticked. She's mad at herself saying that she should have counted the guitars in the picture, whatever that means. They had to do some calculations and she was off by one. If it was that kind of contest, then it was tailor made for Zach. He's a graphic designer and math whiz. Daniele is whining that they should have kept Amber, hahaha.

I don't understand why she is so upset, though. They have that final 3 agreement with Zach, so it's not a big deal. He's promised not to put them both up together. If he wanted to screw them, he would have done it earlier tonight. Yes, he has to put one of the Donatos up, but then the other will have the vote unless Jameka wins the Power of Veto, and I don't see her doing that. I hope she does, but I don't think she will. Daniele will be playing hard for this veto, and she'll be tough to beat.

OK, thinking on this a little more, I can kind of see why she is upset. Dani is a competitor and she freaking HATES to lose. And she really hates not being in control. Other than her bashing Zach for having the gall to win, though, she's been good about blaming herself. That was pretty funny, though. It was like she really thought no one else had the right to win other than her and maybe, just maybe, her dad.

So, Zach is Head of Household either Dick or Daniele will be on the block. Daniele is convinced that it will be her, and not her dad. The Power of Veto is very, very important now. If Jameka wins, one of the Donatos goes home. If she doesn't, then she's going home.

It might turn out to be an interesting weekend after all. Until next time, catch y'all in the forums!

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator(Images courtesy of TVClubhouse)