Tex's Take: 'Big Brother 8' Final Thoughts
Tex's Take:  'Big Brother 8' Final Thoughts
It's been over a week since the Big Brother finale and the internet has been full of interviews with some of the cast members. I've not been surprised about anything I've read. I have read nothing that has changed my mind about any of the houseguests, nor anything that makes me think that they were different in the house than they are in real life.

The interviews have not been as plentiful or different as in years past and it seems that the bonds that usually form have not been. One thing that did surprise me is the number of interviews that Amber has done. I guess I thought she'd slink off into the sunset, but she's actually been attempting to do damage control.

This had the potential to be one of my favorite seasons, but it wasn't. It wasn't boring until the end, but the nastiness spoiled it for me. And yes, that's a personal issue for me. Some people excused Dick and overlooked the way he played the game. Some people think this game should be won by any means necessary and those people are probably thrilled with the season. I'm glad they enjoyed it and enjoyed him. I didn't.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect them all to like each other and I don't want a sugar coated season. I do expect common decency and respect of persons. The line that Dick was just telling it like it is and that he played in your face, doesn't excuse the fact that he crossed the line. The names he called Jen weren't telling it like it is, it was just a little boy given free rein to be vile and obnoxious. And outside of the house in many states, he'd have been charged with assault for pouring that tea on her.

I've read so many posts on different boards attempting to justify his behavior towards the women in that house, but there is no justification. He played such a good game outside of that. It wasn't necessary. Yes, it worked for him this season. He's half a million dollars richer. Good for him. And he still won't let it go. He still bashes Jen in almost every interview I've read. Okay, he doesn't like her, let it go, it's over. It's like he's obsessed or something.

I began the season disliking Jen. Then I thought she was playing a good game by not allowing Dick or any of the others in the house get to her. She had such a thick skin and I thought that would certainly help her in the game. I think now, though, that it backfired. I think that if she'd shown that Dick was really bothering her, it would have made a difference in what he was allowed to do. I'm sure it didn't help her any that one of the producers or workers called her a vile name in the diary room to other houseguests. Most of the others in the house didn't like her, but that is no excuse for what she had to put up with. I think less of the men in that house for allowing it.

The bigotry in this season was surprising and disturbing. I think almost everyone of them made at least one statement that was offensive about some group of people. Dustin and his dog and Amber's anti-Semitic comments made the most noise, but they weren't alone. There were denigrating comments made about Blacks, Jews, Christians, and women to name a few. There's a YouTube out there with a montage of Big Brother 8 bigotry and it ain't pretty.

I so dislike 'showmances.' I don't want to see them laying in bed all up underneath each other for weeks. It's boring. Daniele and Nick were not cute to me. Jessica and Eric were cute before the first kiss, then not so much. They don't last and they interfere with gameplay. Daniele didn't play until Nick was gone and Jessica made some bad decisions because of Eric. We'll see how long these 'relationships' last in the real world. Nick is supposedly moving to LA and Jessica and Eric are going to try the long distance thing for now.

You know, I kind of feel sorry for Amber right now. Yes, she made some awful statements, but I really think that most of them were made out of ignorance. I don't think she's a mean person, I think she may really have a good heart, but what came out of her mouth was amazing. Stories coming out have her being fired from her job and if she is the sole breadwinner of the family, her family is really going to suffer. She's only beginning to realize how badly she came off. In the interview she did with BuddyTV, she made a point of bringing up her comments and how she felt that she was misunderstood. I hope Big Brother makes some kind of counseling available to her, she's really going to need it.

I was really looking forward to reading some Dustin interviews, but it seems that he hasn't done any. I'd love to hear him attempt to justify some of his comments. The only thing I've heard of him since the finale is the fact that he's supposedly auctioning some 5 minute telephone calls. At the beginning of the season I never thought I'd prefer Joe, but we actually got to watch Dustin self destruct.

All in all, I'm quite happy that this season of Big Brother is over. And no, I won't be signing any petitions to put Dick/Daniele, Daniele/Nick, Dick/Vincent or Jessica/Eric on The Amazing Race.

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator
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