Tex's Take: BB8 Week 8 Recap and Eviction Prediction
Tex's Take:  BB8 Week 8 Recap and Eviction Prediction
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
For the most part, this has been such a fun week in the Big Brother house. They've gone back to playing games in the middle of the night. First it was Zuma Zuma, then Beer Pong, then their version of Spin the Bottle and Quarters. A few nights this week have been so much fun to watch. No game talk, no stress, just fun. Last night we saw the girls having to wear panties on their heads and Zach having to kiss Dick.

Stuff like that is what I like to see. I wish ShoToo's Big Brother After Dark was as much fun. The past couple of nights we've had to suffer through Amber's ramblings. Yes, I get that she's desperately trying to find a way to stay, but heck ... she has caused me to turn off the television more than once this week. I don't know how they pick which feed to put on, but they need to reevaluate. I think it was Monday night when they showed at least an hour of her rambling to Jameka about what a good person she is.

Poor Jessica, she's had to listen to Jameka try to turn her against Eric this week. That girl is persistent. She followed her to the bathroom while she was on the toilet to diss Eric. She opened the shower door while Jessica was showering to diss Eric. For Pete's Sake! Can she show some common sense here? Can she be a little less rude?

Last night, though, was worse. Amber and Jameka double teamed Jessica in the HoH room. They were trying: #1) to get her to convince Eric to keep her, and #2) to convince her that Eric was playin' her. In their convoluted logic, they wanted her to sweet talk Eric to get him to save Amber this week, then next week dump him for Amber and Jameka.

They told her that if Amber was evicted, Jessica would know that Eric is more into his alliance with Dick, Daniele and Zach than into Jessica. They've taken what Jen said about Cheryl, Eric's maybe-ex-girlfriend, and created this whole reality where Eric mistreats Jessica, that he's playing his game through her, that he bad talks her, etc. They use just enough truth to make their story somewhat convincing.

I don't know what Jessica believes. Yes, she should be more wary of trusting Eric, but I don't know if I'd buy what Jameka and Amber were selling. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an Eric fan, but these two supposedly 'good people' are ridiculous. I'm not going to get into the religious thing because I think they should use whatever helps them make it through the days in that house. Goodness knows I'd be praying 24/7 if I had to deal with some of them. Then again, that's one of the reasons why I wouldn't volunteer for this summer job.

Amber, Jameka and Zach are all working hard for votes this week. Jameka realizes that once Amber is gone, she'll be hung out to dry. Jessica has Amber and Jameka convinced that this deal with Dick and Daniele is all Eric. Surprisingly Zach has not been hanging out with her all this week like he did the last time she had HoH. He realizes that now she has no power and has been working Dick and Daniele for their votes.

She's still trying to play both sides, but I think her winning HoH this week will be detrimental to her game. Dick and Daniele saw her refusal to nominate Jameka as a possible chink in their alliance. Zach saw her refusal to put up Dick and Daniele, and her nominating him as a personal affront. He was so confident that he would be safe this week. Jessica has gone from being on no one's radar, to being on everyone's. Prior to this week, Daniele had been adamant about getting Eric out first at F4, but now both Daniele and Dick are convinced that Jessica has to go as soon as possible. Before this week, Zach wouldn't have dreamed of putting her up. In fact, he kept telling Dick that he had this 'connection' with her. Last night, though, Zach told Dick that if he stayed and won HoH on Thursday, he was going to nominate Jameka and Jessica and try to backdoor Eric.

Jessica realizes that Zach is now a threat to her and kind of tried to convince Eric to switch up and vote for Amber to stay. What she doesn't know, and we do, is that America has voted for Eric to try to get Amber evicted. So that's that. Daniele and Dick are in the Zach camp, too. This means that unless Amber can convince Daniele to vote to keep her tonight, she's gone. She tried last night, but Daniele was perfectly non-committal, total blank face and no responses at all.

We'll find out tomorrow night if Amber is successful, or if she'll be gone. The Head of Household competition should be a barn burner, too. I think the time for throwing this competition is over. The numbers are too low. Jameka has two more to sit out and Jessica can't play this week. Dick and Daniele may be the only ones sitting kind of pretty right now. Who'll win it? Who'll be nominated? Should be an interesting week on Big Brother 8.

--Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator(Images courtesy of TVClubhouse)