Tex's Take: BB8 Week 8 Nomination and Power of Veto Spoilers
Tex's Take:  BB8 Week 8 Nomination and Power of Veto Spoilers
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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This is Jessica’s second Head of Household week. In fact, for the last month, either Jessica or Daniele have held this position. It seems like so long ago that Daniele nominated Eric in a snit over Nick being evicted. So much has happened in the house since then.

Eric stayed, the Donato’s joined a final four alliance with Jessica and Eric. They turned on Dustin and he’s gone. Dick finally pushed Jen over the edge and she was evicted. Who will be nominated this week and who will go home? Those are two separate questions because these people love to backdoor each other. The people nominated are not necessarily the targets for eviction.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information on events not yet televised.

If the F4 alliance is sticking together, then Jessica would have to nominate Amber and either Zach or Jameka. She’s been pretty good friends with Jameka, so I would guess it would be Zach. She’s noticed that he seems to be the BFF of the current Head of Household and Eric feels very threatened by him. Dick, too, has been pushing for a Zach nomination even though Zach seems to think he’s in a F5 alliance with them. I’m thinking that Dick wants Zach gone because Zach has been calling Dick out on his bad behavior lately.

Amber has gone from hating on Jessica to wanting to be friends with her this week. She’s been trying to get Jessica to put up Eric. Her machinations may backfire on her, though. Instead of driving a wedge between Jessica and Eric by her telling tales, however, it seems that Jessica has turned on the messenger.

"Jessica"Before the nomination ceremony, however, the houseguests finally had a luxury competition. The first part we weren’t able to see, but it had something to do with bubbles and questions. It was men vs. women and the women won. For their reward, they were able to shop til they dropped. Actually, I think they got four minutes.

Daniele and Jessica seemed to just put on anything they touched, while Jameka and Amber were picking through the clothes before putting them on. Of course, Amber found a reason to whine later that the other two got more than she and Jameka did. This is always a fun competition to watch. And for the most part, they really seemed to enjoy it. Amber did manage to flash the poor live feed viewers a few times while trying on her clothes later, but I’ll save y’all the eye damage ; )

The nominations themselves were almost anticlimactic after the luxury competition. Jessica did nominate Amber and Zach, and I think Amber is the target. Amber is not too worried yet, because she’s gonna win the PoV, ya know. From what I heard, I think America voted for Eric to get Amber nominated, so he was successful in this task. At this point, he’s got to be at least $20,000 richer by now, maybe more.

Today was the Power of Veto competition. Eric actually got to play this time. Zach chose him as his houseguest’s choice player. I was wondering why Zach would pick Eric instead of Dick, since Eric hasn’t won anything yet. It may be because Dick has some kind of eye irritation from the luxury competition yesterday that’s still bothering him. But maybe it’s because he’s trying to butter Eric up. I’m not sure. Maybe when they show the picking and the competition itself, we will find out.

"Eric"Guess who won? Eric! I’m so surprised. I wonder if CBS will move up the showing of the PoV competition to Sunday’s show so America can vote whether or not he uses the veto or on whom. Normally they show the veto competition and the ceremony together on Tuesday.

On his own, will Eric use the PoV or will he let the nominations stand? Jessica was heard earlier today saying that she was glad Eric won it so the nominations will stay the same, but Eric may realize that this may be the last time they have to break the Donato alliance.

Next week both Dick and Daniele can play for Head of Household, but Jessica can’t. I think Eric is afraid to win HoH because he knows that America gets to pick one of his nominees. He knows America has been screwing with him and he probably thinks America will pick Jessica for the heck of it. But if one of the Donatos wins HoH, it will put Jessica and Eric at risk for nomination or replacement nominee.

Amber has already told Jameka that she will attempt to make a deal with Eric. She will promise to nominate Dick and Zach when she wins HoH next week if he takes her off this week. Yes, I said when, not if. She is one of the most delusional people I’ve ever seen on television. I know about the Power of Positive Thinking, but she is something different …

This is the hard part of the week. Tomorrow night is a show, but the Sunday night show usually ends with nominations. Will they show the luxury comp and nominations or will they change it up so America can vote on the veto? I guess we’ll see. Until then, catch y’all in the forums.

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator
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