Tex's Take: BB8 Week 7 Recap and Eviction Prediction
Tex's Take:  BB8 Week 7 Recap and Eviction Prediction
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's been another wild week in the Big Brother House. I cannot understand why these folks don't like calm. They create drama. They seem to thrive on drama. They make this game harder than it should be. And they are making it harder to watch, too. Two nights this week, I've turned off my live feeds in disgust.

Their gang mentality is wearing. And the ringleader is a 44-year-old man with arrested development. These are supposed to be adults but they persist in acting like Junior High kids. If my kids acted like the houseguests have acted this week, I'd have reached out and touched them ... and not in a kind way, but with love.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information on house happenings that have not aired yet.

Monday night was quite eventful in the house. Jen was understandably upset at being backdoored. She'd felt safe because Daniele promised her that she'd have her back until the end. And added to that, right after the nomination ceremony, while she was in the gym working out, Dick came in and proceeded to do his Dick thing on her. I just cannot fathom why a grown man with a beloved daughter that same age would say the things he says to Jen. They are vile.

Those of you that have been reading my columns from the beginning know that I came into this season wanting to like Dick. I've had many occasions to chat with him on another board in the past few years. He's 'one of us,' a real fan and student of the game. I knew that he was not politically correct, but I didn't expect this. He's very intelligent and well read and I figured he'd be a dynamic, interesting player. He's shown us this Dick at various times in the house, and this keeps me from being totally anti-Dick. I don't know what it was about Jen that set him off, almost from the beginning. Maybe if she leaves this week, that cool Dick will come back out to play.

Once Daniele and Amber were taken out of the house, Jen decides that she's going to strike back at Dick. She took his remaining cigarettes that he'd hidden and destroyed them. She put them in the trash can in the Storage Room and poured bleach on them, three cartons worth. Big Brother replaced them and reprimanded Jen, but Dick took it a step further. He, with the help of Jameka, went around and gathered up all Jen's stuff and hid them in the HoH room.

What followed was a big explosion. They went at each other. And Dick was like a dog with a bone. He kept ranting at her and to everyone saying the same vile things over and over. He couldn't let it go. Jen got ticked off that she was reprimanded by BB for destroying the cigarettes when she said she asked first, but Dick got away with doing whatever he wanted.

So she said to heck with this slop mess and got herself some real food. She said big deal with the penalty nom, because she was already nominated. As she sat outside eating, Dick proceeded to come out, light a cigarette, and blow the smoke in her face. She smacked his hand away and tries to grab the cigarette. She apparently got burned and Dick kept repeating “Don't touch me.” The feeds go to the blue rabbit hole, and Shotoo goes to the control room! I've never seen them cut off Showtime. They were off for maybe five minutes or so and when we get the feeds and the show back, Dick was gloating.

Jen had been called to the Diary Room where she was informed that she will indeed be receiving a penalty nomination. Since she was already on the block this week, if she were by some miracle to stay, then next week she would also be on the block and would not be able to play for Head of Household or PoV. When she came outside and told the others, they took it the wrong way, I think. I think she was being informative, but Dick convinced the others that she told them this so that they would change their vote this week and get rid of Jameka, figuring that they could get Jen next week.

And it almost worked. Zach, Dick and Eric did talk about this for a little while. After all, Jameka was just another victim to them anyway. Zach seems to be under the impression that he's in a final five alliance with Dick, Daniele, Eric and Jessica. When I went to bed Monday night, there was a distinct possibility of Jen surviving this week. Tuesday, though, things were back to the original plan. Zach made a point of going to Jameka and telling her that she had his vote to stay.

Zach seems to have his own code of ethics. Even though he did not interfere when Dick was going off on Jen, he did tell Dick afterwards that he'd gone too far. That was impressive from him, and for that time period, Dick seemed to listen to him. He also decided that he did not want to vote to keep Jen because she blatantly broke the rules and should not be rewarded for it. I still think the bunny suit brought out the man.

Sometime Tuesday, Big Brother also changed it's mind and informed Jen and the others that they were changing Jen's penalty nomination to a penalty vote. The difference being that there will be an extra vote this week against Jen. They realized that a penalty nomination wouldn't affect Jen at all this week, but could affect Jameka, I guess. The good thing for Jen is that if she survives the week, which she won't, she will not automatically be on the block next week and she can still play for HoH and Veto. It's a moot point. She will not be staying after Thursday. The houseguests are shunning her like she has the plague or something.

Almost as an anticlimax, Daniele and Amber returned to the house late last night. We know that they were flown to New York City to compete on Power of 10. They have been given instruction that they aren't allowed to tell. Amber keep a secret??? HAH! The show must come on pretty soon because Amber has already almost slipped, but Dani caught her. They were distracted, though, by the news of what happened in the house while they were gone.

Anyway, right now it seems as if Jen is out. I'm pretty sure that it won't change, but ... Anyway, y'all take care and catch ya in the forums!

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator
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