Tex's Take: BB8 Week 6 - Nomination and Power of Veto Spoilers
Tex's Take:  BB8 Week 6 - Nomination and Power of Veto Spoilers
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Julie Chen messed up again. Did that affect the results of the Head of Household competition? Eric seems to think so, and let's face it, it did mess him up. He's not making too much of it because his ally Jessica ended up winning. Wonder what he'd have done if one of 'the others' won it. Most people are pretty sure that Jessica will nominate two of the outsiders. Who will she put up and will the Power of Veto competition mess her up?

This article contains spoilers, so read on at your own risk.

Right after Jessica won HoH, most people in the house speculated that she'd nominate Dick and Daniele. Dustin even said that she'd told him this. Dani went into full whine mode and Dick decided to go on the attack. He decided that he'd show his tail so much that everyone would vote him out instead of Daniele.

They encouraged Jen and Zach to infiltrate the other group in hopes that they'd learn something to help Daniele out after Dick was gone. Why they'd want to help her I haven't figured out yet. But they all spoke of having each other's back. Jen made a point of telling Dani later, though, that if she'd have won HoH, she would have nominated Dick and Dustin.

We saw as the show went off on Thursday a verbal altercation between Dick and Jameka. That wasn't the end of it. For some strange reason, Jameka and Amber got it into their heads to bait Dick. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Dick went off on Jameka and she was going right back at him. He's a lot better with his words than she is, though. After his repeated jabs at her Christianity, she reminded him that his mother and his daughter were Christians and that whatever he lobbed at her would also stick to them. So he threw out insults and she kept saying “ your mother and your daughter'.” He called her the b-word and she said his mother was one. Oy vey. Way to stoop to his level, Jameka.

Before nominations yesterday, they had a food competition. Dick had said that he hoped he was on the opposite team as Dani because he was going to throw the comp. Feed viewers didn't get to see the competition, but it looked as if it were a very messy competition with some guitar smashing thrown in.

Dick, Daniele and Dustin ended up on slop, and it seems that Dick gave Jen a slop pass. He complained that he didn't get a chance to think about it and Daniele told him to give it to Jen instead of to herself. I don't know how it will show on TV, but they all said that this slop pass was given after the competition was over and that he had to make his decision on the spot. Since Jen is in week 2 of her 30 days of slop, I wonder if this still will count as a week or if they will add another week at the end.

The nomination ceremony itself was kind of an anticlimax. Jessica nominated Dick and Daniele, as expected. Dick made sure that Zach and Jen knew that if they won the veto competition, that he expected them to use it on Daniele. He's determined that if the final nominees are Daniele and himself, that Daniele will stay. He's decided to be as obnoxious as possible in pursuit of that goal.

He's got the Late Night Crew -2 (the -2 is for no Dick and no Daniele) afraid of leaving the HoH room alone. Every time they go downstairs, he's waiting down there to yell insults at them. He's in fine form today, Saturday. He has taken their clothes out of their drawers and hidden them. He's thrown Dustin's sweatshirt on the roof of the house. He's taken Jen's headbands and hidden them behind the washer so the others won't realize she's with them. This morning, Dustin was awakened by Dick banging a pot with a large spoon over his head. He's had Amber in tears criticizing her parenting skills.

Interesting enough, this may backfire on him. A few of the other's have realized that the best way to get back at him is through Daniele. If the eviction was today, Daniele would be leaving. They are keeping this information from Zach and Jen and I wonder how long this thinking will last. Jessica has said that if she's called upon to break the tie between the two of them, she'll vote out Daniele. They think she is the better player, and realize this would be a big blow to Dick. They'd make sure he knew that he facilitated the eviction of his daughter.

Stupidly, Dustin has gone around saying that if the veto is used, he would volunteer to go up against Dick. He doesn't realize that move could actually cause him to leave. He's not as well liked in the house as he thinks, and he's definitely not at the top of CBS's houseguest poll. I can easily see America voting, via Eric, for Dustin to leave. That might give Dustin three votes, and maybe four, for eviction: Eric, Zach, Daniele and possibly Jen. Boy, would that shake the house up.

He may get that chance. Today was an awfully long Power of Veto competition and it seems that Dick won it. He's said time after time that he'd save Daniele, so we'll see if he does. If he takes Daniele off the block, who will Jessica replace her with? It's a long time until Monday when they have the PoV ceremony, and we all know how wishy washy these people are, so we'll see. Until then, catch y'all around the forums.

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