Tex's Take: BB8 Week 5 - Kail and Jen Nominated Again
Tex's Take:  BB8 Week 5 - Kail and Jen Nominated Again
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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OK, so this is getting old. Someone in the Late Night Crew wins Head of Household and nominates Kail and Jen. This is the third week in a row that the same two people have been nominated and is a new BB record. Will one of them finally go home this week? Or will they play the pawns to backdoor the third consecutive person?

Daniele won the endurance HoH and immediately started making waves. She has really impressed me so far. She's no dummy, and she's now in the game. The best thing for her, I think, was for Nick to go. At first she was going to put up Kail and another person in the hopes of Jen not being able to play for and/or win the veto and then backdooring her. Later that night, though, she and her dad got together and started putting together the pieces of things going on in the house.

I think a big influence was the banner flown during the HoH competition. This was the reason for the feeds being blocked for that first hour. Supposedly they stopped the competition, covered all the houseguests heads and waited for it to be too dark to fly anymore banners.

I hate outside interference, and this was a big one. I know that some people love banners and they contribute to funds to fly them. They think this gives them some influence in the game. I think it stinks. Who's to stop people from sending banners with some baldface lie? Someone's outside enemy could conceivably ruin their game for spite. Someone's outside accomplice could mess up the game for their friend's competition. If the houseguests have to worry about banners on top of everything else, we'll get a boring game because they'll be too afraid to do anything.

The banner flown Thursday night may turn this game inside out. The houseguests were told not to look, but, of course, they did anyway. This banner said that the sender loved Nick and that Eric and Amber were liars. Daniele and Dick saw this banner and began to put 2+2 together and came up with Eric.

They've figured out that he was the mysterious vote to oust Kail which Nick was blamed for. They also figured out that he was this week's mysterious vote for Nick to stay. They, of course, don't have the correct reasoning behind it, but they've put together so many shady things that Eric has done that alarm bells started ringing.

Dick is particularly ticked off. I think that this is because just this past week he was singing Eric's praises. I think he really became fond of Eric and feels really betrayed. Daniele's feeling is much simpler. She's decided to rewrite history and blame Eric for Nick's eviction. She's conveniently forgotten that her dad was one of the loudest voices for Nick to go. And Dick is not going to remind her of that right now.

Their second potential victim of the week is Dustin. Dick was upset about Dustin this past week and the Kail situation. He's been saying for awhile that there was a leak in the LNC to Kail and he thinks this leak might be Dustin. He's even caught Dustin and Kail doing a happy dance in the round room this week. They are also upset that after the LNC decision to go all out for last week's veto competition, that Dustin took the prizes.

They then discussed flipping the script. The LNC made commitments to each other to get out the outsiders first, but things have now changed. The decision was made to nominate Jen and Kail and if one of them were taken off the block, to put up Eric or Dustin. Dustin was able to play for the veto this week, but Eric was not chosen to participate. The other participants, in addition to Jen, Kail and Daniele were Dustin, Zach and Jameka.

The Power of Veto competition this week was the “Who wants it more?” type. Jen won the competition by bidding half of her winnings if she makes the final two. The other results, that I've been able to piece together so far, are as follows: Zach, Jen, Daniele and Kail have to wear bunny suits for five days. Kail and Jameka will not be allowed to participate in the next five Head of Household competitions. Kail and Jen are on slop for the next 30 days and at some point the houseguests will be awakened every hour by some buzzer or alarm or something.

So now people are scrambling. Dick and Daniele have enlisted Jen's assistance in convincing one more houseguest to vote out Eric. They already have three votes: Jen, Dick and Zach. Dani thinks that Jess can be convinced to be the fourth. Poor Jess is being torn in two. Both sides think she is solid, and she's struggling. She'll have to choose a side this week, and I don't think she was ready to do that yet. I know that she and Eric have been really close, but Dani and Jen have really laid a case of Eric's dishonesty to her. Will she be convinced to turn on him or will she stay loyal? It's going to be a fun week. A long week, but a fun week.

We'll get to see the end of the HoH competition and nominations, I think, on Sunday. The Power of Veto ceremony is on Monday. We'll find out then who Daniele will replace Jen with. Until then, catch y'all in the forums.

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