Tex's Take: BB8 Final Week, Head of Household Competition Part 2 Spoilers
Tex's Take:  BB8 Final Week, Head of Household Competition Part 2 Spoilers
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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One of the reasons that I'd never go on a show like Big Brother is because of the lack of outside stimulation. I'm very dependent on my newspaper, television, Internet, novels, etc. Trying to watch the feeds the past couple of days has reinforced my feelings. The three remaining houseguests were given a deck of cards, woo hoo! Dick and Daniele have been monopolizing the cards playing War, a two person game. Zach has asked to play another game, but was rebuffed. With Dick and Daniele virtually ignoring him, Zach has been bored to tears. I've never seen him sleep or lay around in his bed like I have lately. I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with that.

I mean, really, it would have been hard with a house full of this season's houseguests to have a stimulating conversation, but with two people that have been bashing you within earshot .... forget about it. Yes, Zach broke their deal and put them up. Dick and Daniele were thinking of doing the exact same thing to him, but he just beat them to it. And didn't they break their alliance with Eric and Jessica not even two weeks before? I guess it's different if they do it.

Spoiler Alert: The rest of the article contains spoilers of HoH competition results not yet televised.

During the endurance part of the Head of Household, Daniele practically begged her father to begin trying to browbeat and taunt Zach. I was impressed at how Zach held up, and at one point began to mock Dick. That was amusing. I wonder how much that goes back to his stories about being mistreated at school when he was younger. You'd have to develop a tough skin to survive or succeed in such an environment. It served him well. Dick gave up the taunting and Zach held on to win that part of the HoH after more than seven grueling hours.

After Dick finally let go of his key, Zach held on just long enough to be recognized as the winner, then he tried to help Dick. He was in pretty bad shape. Daniele had gone in to get some dry towels for him to wrap up in. Daniele shed her selfish ways long enough to go into nurture mode. She was very caring towards her dad, and solicitous to Zach. She made both guys hot drinks, soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and really took care of Dick. It was so sad to see how pathetically grateful Zach was for what she did for him.

Both guys pretty much passed out after that, but Wednesday was another day. Dick and Daniele were back to bashing the other houseguests, and Zach hid out in the room with the small beds. I was thinking that Dick would just throw part 2 of the HoH to Daniele because she's proven to be such a winner, but they decided that they'd both go all out for it. I knew Daniele wouldn't throw anything because that's not her, but I had wondered about Dick.

Once the competition was over, it was kind of difficult to get any information from the feeds. We knew Dick had won pretty quickly, but every time Dick and Daniele began to talk about it, we were treated to the blue rabbit hole and theme music. What I was able to put together was that it was another water competition and that there were some kind of puzzle pieces at the bottom of a tank. They had to rescue the pieces and put the puzzle together and it was timed. They were not able to watch each other, and Zach was not able to see any of the competition.

So tonight, the final part will be held on the live show and the final eviction ceremony will be held. The two competing will be Zach and Dick. If it's anything like the last few seasons, I would think Dick would have the advantage. In the past it has been a question type competition with the questions about what the jury members would do or say in certain situations. Dick has been in an alliance and has had conversations with every member of the jury, and Zach has basically only talked to Eric, Jessica and Jameka. But Zach has been a quiet listener. Will he have picked up enough to guess what they'd do? Did Jameka prep him during one of their training sessions? He knows that he has to win this or go home.

If he does win, who will he take to the final two? Conventional wisdom has him taking Dick. Dick has pretty much angered the majority of the jury, but he has played. If the jury votes on emotion, Dick will not win, but if they vote on who played the game, Dick may be able to sway some votes his way. However, one of the last conversations that Zach had with Jameka was about taking Daniele to the final two. She has not angered as many people as Dick, but he could use the argument that she hid behind her dad, getting him to do all her dirty work. He could also make the argument that he was so disgusted by the way Dick played the game that he wanted to cut him totally out of the big money. It's a crap shoot as to whether or not that will work.

Big show tonight. Who will win the final part of the Head of Household competition? Who will be the final jury member? We'll find out in a couple of hours. Then, according to Dick and Daniele, the jury questioning will begin on Saturday. Catch y'all later.

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator (Image courtesy of BigBrotherCaps)