Tex's Take: BB8 Final Two Thoughts
Tex's Take:  BB8 Final Two Thoughts
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Big Brother got its fairy tale ending. The tale began with Dick revealing that Daniele's favorite fairy tale was “Alice in Wonderland” and that she played Alice. And it's ending with CBS darlings, Dick and Daniele, in the final two of Big Brother 8.

In the middle, we have CBS pretending that they hadn't spoken in two years, but MySpace entries and accidental comments revealed that to be a lie. There's Daniele talking about dinner with Allison and the feeds going to the blue rabbit hole. Then the people in the Diary Room were giving the two of them information not given to the other houseguests, and Julie Chen went on a late night talk show this week talking up and praising the Donatos.

Yes, CBS loves them. Ratings are up. Dick is “entertaining,” Allison Grodner's first year at the helm has been a success. But at what cost? How many houseguests will come on next year and trash talk and bash the others? Verbal abuse was given the green light this season, how will they top it next year? Dick has said that the Diary Room was encouraging his bad behavior. Interesting how they egged him on, but they glossed over it on the show. Tonight they gave him such favorable editing when those of us that watched that endurance competition saw how absolutely vile he got.

Did anyone else catch the Kaysar and Howie chat last night on the feeds? Howie is a Dick fan, which is totally not surprising. Dick watched Howie's bad behavior in BB6 and took it to a new level. Kaysar, on the other hand, was not appreciative. That, too, did not surprise me at all. They also both admitted that Arnold Shapiro was a steadying influence and would not have allowed all of Dick's actions to occur had he still been around.

Lest you all think I'm a Donato hater, I started the season as a Dick fan. He's one of us, a fan of the game. He's been an avid online poster about Big Brother in the past. I've chatted with him numerous times. Heck, he even gave his son a list of message boards to check out while he was in the house. Call me old fashioned, but I cannot condone a male talking to a female the way he did. I do not appreciate the names he called the female members of the house. What would he have done if anyone talked to Daniele like that?

Dick has played the game. He's played it hard. I don't like how he played it, but have to admit that he played it. He's been a target since week two, but has managed to survive to the end. He's angered everyone in the house under the guise of saving his daughter. He's played the honesty and integrity card, even though he's not been any more honest than anyone else. He has reviled and bashed every member of the jury, and yet, he still has a slight chance to win this thing.

His daughter, Daniele, is a chip off the old block. She's just been more sneaky about it. He's been loud, she just does it behind your back. She's pretended to be friends with many on the jury, all the while totally trashing them to her dad. She gathered the information that turned into the ammunition for many of Dick's rants. She whines when she doesn't get her way. And she's won competitions.

She's won two Head of Households and five Power of Vetoes. He's won three Head of Households and a couple of vetoes. They've blown up two alliances that they were a part of and at least two that they have not been a part of. They have pretty much dominated the game. If he weren't so obnoxious acting, and if she were less whiny, I'd be in the first car of the Donato Love Train.

I think the jury is gonna eat her up. She'll either cry or smirk. She'll definitely whine. I think he'll be more angry at the questions and comments that she'll face, than the ones directed at him. It won't be pretty. Every one of the jury members was outplayed. Every one of them has been trashed. But every one of them allowed it to happen. They had two primo opportunities to get Dick out of that house. Two times when it looked like he would be evicted and he managed to turn the tide. They have no one to blame except themselves.

I may not like it, but they deserve to be there. Which one will win? Does it matter? I hate that Dick's behavior will be rewarded, but it will be. He, and future players, will think that there is nothing wrong with acting that way. Oh well, there's always Survivor ...

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator
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