Tex's Take: BB8 Final Jury Questioning Speculation
Tex's Take:  BB8 Final Jury Questioning Speculation
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Well, well, well ... those who predicted a 6-1 vote for Daniele may want to rethink that. Last night, or actually early this morning, was the jury questioning to determine the winner of Big Brother 8. The Powers That Be decided on that time because it was right after Big Brother After Dark (which is a whole other story) and they figured that by the time most people woke up, Dick and Daniele would be talked out. You'd think they would know by now ...

Because they knew the timing, Big Brother After Dark was (yawn) boring. The first part Dick and Daniele were together eating and playing war. The past couple of days their conversations to each other have been about food, gloating or bashing the jury. I thought Jen was gone long ago, but from listening to them talk, her specter has lingered on. I've watched from the beginning and I still don't know where this Jen hatred is coming from. Don't like her? That's fine, but this is ridiculous. Then, as usual, we were treated to the sight of them laying in their respective beds, in there respective rooms, with no communication.

This morning after the jury questioning, Dani was in bed and Dick was outside smoking. He was talking to either himself or the camera. He plays to the camera often, calling his show "Dick at Night." Almost every other word out of his mouth was the f-word and he was pretty agitated. As I predicted in my last column, he was pretty upset with the way Daniele was apparently treated. And, of course, when Daniele feels put upon, she treats her dad like crap. Most of his frustration last night was about that and how it was going to be a long two days.

What I found curious was that he said something about how he was going to win this thing and he couldn't even be happy about it because it was over his daughter. I'm really hoping CBS shows some of this questioning because it sounds like they were brutal towards Daniele. When he finally went in to talk to her, she was in bed with the lights out and the cover over her head. The first thing he said was that he did not campaign against her and she said something about it seeming like he did.

She then preceded to go on this almost four minute tirade about how frustrating it is, how it's not fair .... yeah, you know the drill. She was upset because she said that nothing that she accomplished in the house counted because everyone just attacked her about her personal life and thought that she rode on Dick's coattails. OK, I don't know how true what she said was, but she definitely didn't just ride on his coattails ... her competition wins refute that. I'm thinking it was more that she egged her dad on to misbehave and then she would slink in the shadows, putting it all on him. Both Jameka and Zach witnessed this in the past week or so and probably shared that with the rest of the jury.

What really seemed to bug her the most was that they both insinuated that Amber attacked her. I don't know why they thought Amber was so firmly in Daniele's pocket, or if they forgot about how she went off on Eric, but they were both stunned at what she had to say to Daniele. They didn't elaborate much, but I kind of got that it was about Nick (rolling eyes here) and about Daniele being untrustworthy. This provoked Dick into one of his Dick rants outside a bit later calling Amber every name except the one given to her by her parents, if you get my drift.

Daniele also was livid at the fact that when she tried to give her statement and refute their claims that she did nothing but stay in her dad's shadow, she heard them laugh at her. She didn't say who was laughing, and she may not know. The jury could see them, but Dick and Daniele could not see the jury. This sounds, from Dick and Daniele's conversation, like it was a bitter, bitter jury. I would have expected a bitter jury to attack Dick and his game play, and they may have but it obviously didn't phase him at all.

Daniele also went off on her dad for daring to defend himself. I guess Zach said that Dick rode on Daniele's coattails and Dick gave facts to refute it. This made Daniele mad because I guess he was supposed to just take everything and make sure that she won. <shrug> Dick left muttering to himself that he just couldn't win with her, and he's probably right. In what should have been a joyous last five days for the two of them, she's made it so difficult for him. Whiny, bratty Daniele has been in full force.

So Dick thinks that he won. Daniele thinks that Dick won, and it's so unfair. We'll find out Tuesday night with the live finale. Don't forget there is a 'Best of ...' show on tonight. The best of ... according to whom, is my question. If it's an hour of the positive editing of Dick and Daniele, I may puke. But after the questioning, I wonder if it will be the best of Dick and the not so best of Daniele trying to make the show fit into what they think the result will be. Guess we'll find out. Until then, catch y'all in the forums.

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator
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