Is There Really a 'Big Brother 12' Saboteur?
Is There Really a 'Big Brother 12' Saboteur?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The big twist this season on Big Brother is the Saboteur, one houseguest whose goal is to cause chaos in the house. The identity of the Saboteur will be revealed on Thursday's live eviction show, and while the HGs and fans have their theories, there's one that I find more compelling than all the others: there is no Saboteur.

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Thus far we've only seen the Saboteur lock the storage room during a blackout and post tape over Kathy and Britney's faces. Inside the Big Brother 12 house, the Saboteur also made a video claiming that two HGs are lifelong friends. All of these could easily have been done by Big Brother producers.

We've already seen an outsider enter the house when the medic tended to Kathy during the first HoH competition. It's obviously easy for them to gain access, so it's possible that the real twist of season 12 is that there is no Saboteur.

I would actually find this to be even more compelling. The revelation of the Saboteur has made the HGs even more paranoid than usual, which is not easy to do. If Big Brother started openly lying to the HGs about twists, it would add a new psychological element to the game. This could also open the door to exciting new types of sabotage.

Maybe one week the Saboteur can claim that someone in the house was secretly won the Coup d'Etat, the power to overturn the nominations at the last second. Though it would be a total lie, the mere suggestion that this power exists could alter the game and everyone's strategy.

The more I think about it, the more I hope there is no Saboteur. Having someone mess with the house might be entertaining, but having the producers mess with the HGs' minds would be the kind of psychological torture that would be appropriate for a show named after a George Orwell novel about manipulation.

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