Is There Any Way Shannon Can Save Her Game on 'Celebrity Big Brother'?
Is There Any Way Shannon Can Save Her Game on 'Celebrity Big Brother'?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Thanks to an emotional borderline self-eviction where Keshia Knight Pulliam begged her houseguests to evict her so she could go home to feed her baby, Shannon Elizabeth was spared a backdoor plot. All of the pieces were put in place for Shannon's alliance to turn on her and for her to be evicted but it didn't happen. Even though her execution was stalled, Shannon's still in trouble. She's the biggest threat in the house and everyone's eventual target. However, there might be a small light at the end of Shannon's Celebrity Big Brother game tunnel.

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Fighting for First

Shannon is not in a good spot. It's a hell of her own making but she's at a serious disadvantage even after surviving Ross' Head of Household reign. Shannon's not a bad player, she just played the game too aggressively. Shannon gained all the power in the first "week" of Celebrity Big Brother, organizing a huge alliance and an even larger alliance flip. 

Probably in any other season, Shannon would be safe, or at least safe for a good while. On the accelerated Celebrity Big Brother schedule, though, Shannon is in danger of having her bags packed sooner rather than later. Ross and Marissa, as superfans, are way too savvy to ignore Shannon. There's no one who is going to conceivably beat Shannon at the end, certainly not if she continues playing at such an aggressive pace. Obviously people will be gunning for her but it's not as if she has no shot.

It's a blessing on multiple levels that Shannon survived the backdoor plot. This isn't just because it keeps her in the house but also because it gives her time to learn that her alliance has turned her and work against it. The only guaranteed shot everyone had to take out Shannon was when she felt confident and secure in her position. 

Now, whether she's nominated by the third HoH or not, Shannon is going to be on the defensive. Shannon's alliance is not filled with nearly good enough liars that they're going to convince her that Omarosa is still the main target or that she's completely safe from them. It's only going to take one conversation with Brandi or Ariadna for Shannon to figure things out. Shannon is going to realize she's the main target, if she hasn't already, and that's a very dangerous situation for the rest of the house. A cornered Shannon is much scarier than a confident one.

Shannon can presumably dominate the rest of the competitions. All she really needs to win are Power of Vetos and there's not many people who can stand in her way. Furthermore, by being warned of her alliance turning on her, Shannon can work a little social game magic. 

Getting Back the Numbers 

Shannon's allies are starting to scurry away from her, but they're not completely gone. James, realizing that once Shannon goes he'll be viewed as the next big physical threat, is sticking firm to the alliance he has made with her. As for the rest of the house, Shannon can make some convincing arguments for why they should keep her. 

In the case of Ariadna and Brandi, the bridge is burned. The two are completely aware they're out of their league with Shannon and (wisely) have no desire to work with her. For everyone else in the house, Shannon does have a way to squeeze back into their good graces.

Omarosa is still enraged over Shannon flipping the house against her, but with Keshia leaving, Omarosa has no allies. (With the exception of Metta, but no one should be counting Metta.) If Omarosa can put her ego aside, it's really in her best interest to align with Shannon again. Likewise, Marissa and Ross should realize that they need to stick to their final four deal with James and Shannon for a little longer. Eventually the two will need to strike at Shannon and James but definitely not this early in the game. Once Shannon (and James) are gone, Marissa and Ross will be the next big duo and Celebrity Big Brother already has a well-established history of breaking up pairs. 

As for Mark, he'll go wherever the power is in the house. If Shannon can get one or two allies on her side, that aren't James, that power will be with her. Even if she's not in the Head of Household room, Shannon can still control the game with numbers. 

Shannon is fighting a huge uphill battle and it's going to take a lot of maneuvering to make it work. She's definitely going to need several Power of Veto wins, if not a few HoHs, but Shannon Elizabeth shouldn't be completely discounted in Celebrity Big Brother. 

Is Shannon doomed or does she still have a shot to win? Who do you think is playing the best game? Should anyone work with Shannon or just get her out as soon as possible? 

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