How to Improve 'Big Brother' - No More Slop
How to Improve 'Big Brother' - No More Slop
Last week, we asked BuddyTV readers what one change they would make for Big Brother 11, and the responses came fast and furious.  Over the coming weeks and months, we here at BuddyTV will analyze most of your suggestions, and discuss the positives and negatives of each worthy idea.  While your opinions were diverse, there was one overwhelming sentiment that arose in the comments section: Big Brother should get rid of slop.  It seems that almost no one likes slop.  CBS and Big Brother, despite constant fan outcry, haven't made many changes to the slop policy in recent seasons.  Why not?  Laziness, maybe.  Perhaps CBS secretly loves to torture their contestants.  Regardless, you readers have had enough.

Suggestion #1: No More Slop

What You Said

Browneyeditalian said:

My suggestion would be to get rid of the slop...there's got to be something that you could substitute...that's not quite so they can at least have something in their stomachs...instead of not eating at all...

kabelladonna said:

I agree about the slop. People were getting sick from a prolonged slop diet. At least PB&J had nutritional value and a person can survive on it for a week or two. The idea is to deprive them from a selection of food due to a lost of a competition and to mentally wear them down, but I doubt the idea is to do physical harm. If someone gets weak from opting to not eat, that's one thing, but last season, two people needed medical attention and there's nothing fun or game-like about that.

And there were countless others who called for the end of slop.

Why Big Brother Should Get Rid of Slop

There are various reasons that Big Brother should end the whole slop fiasco.  While the desire to punish houseguests and make them suffer is something I understand, there are better ways to do it.  All slop ends up doing is make the houseguests tired, lethargic and boring.  It hurts their mental game, which makes for a less exciting and nuanced show.  No matter how fun it is to force the houseguests into starvation, the number one priority should be to keep the contestants mentally strong, so the actual game of Big Brother remains interesting.  When a person is on slop, they get angry and tired and mentally fatigued. 

Why Big Brother Shouldn't Get Rid of Slop

There really isn't any reason.  I guess the only thing I can think of is that when houseguests are on slop, they are more prone to get into fights, which in turn creates good television.  Also, there's some enjoyment to be taken from houseguest suffering. 


Get rid of slop, replace it with Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.  While they get a little disgusting after awhile, they are edible, and will keep the houseguests energized and mentally strong.  It achieves what slop sets out to achieve (food misery) while avoiding the pitfalls of slop (exhaustion, stupidity).  Also, if the number of in-house fights go down, just provide the houseguests with more alcohol.

Probability of Change: 40%

I think the chances are pretty good.  Enough fans have come out and made their distaste for slop known, and hopefully the CBS brass will come to their senses and end the needless pain of the slop diet.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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