How to Improve 'Big Brother' - More Jury Coverage
How to Improve 'Big Brother' - More Jury Coverage
Our first How to Improve Big Brother article turned into a war of words.  I'm OK with that.  These articles are meant to inspire discussion.  You never like it to get personal, but Big Brother fans are nothing if not passionate.  While No More Slop was a consensus recommendation from the masses as how to make Big Brother a better show, the other ideas were varied and far less communal.  The idea with the most amount of votes aside from the slop request involves the jury house.  You Big Brother fans want to see more of the jury house.  In this regard, I am fully with you.  The jury house has always seemed like a wasted opportunity for interesting and game-important coverage.  So, let's take a solid gander at the merits and potential perils of more jury house involvement on Big Brother.

Suggestion #1 – No More Slop

Suggestion #2 – More Jury House Coverage

What You Said:

MaNDaLuVs2TraVeL said:

Definitely more jury time, it seems like we are seeing less and less each season, I think once there are two people in there on every eviction episode or hell even the Sunday filler episode we should at least see a little of the jury. We only saw them what 3 times this year?

littlshortdude16 said:

Definitely a jury house competition which involves competitions with them for prizes that are either shown on the live feeds or the show itself.

Why Big Brother Should Have More Jury House Coverage

It's a big opportunity.  There are many ways to involve the jury members.  Have a side competition between jury members.  Maybe a weekly luxury competition.  Fans would be very happy to have a live feed from the jury house.  It would give a lot of insight into the game play of the evicted members.  Also, we'd be able to get a good read on how the in-house players are being viewed by the jury members.  There could also be a cool series of challenges to bring an evicted house guest back into the game.  The plain truth is this – there are a plethora of ways to involve the jury house.  CBS needs to be creative.  C'mon, Alison Grodner – figure it out. 

Why Big Brother Shouldn't Have More Jury House Coverage

After being on camera for 24 hours a day for weeks on end, the evicted houseguests need a release.  Getting away from society for a few weeks has to be incredibly therapeutic.  They need some down time.  It' would be adding insult to injury to force the evicted houseguests to play some sort of consolation contest. 


You know what?  We shouldn't have sympathy for the evicted houseguests.  They knew what they were signing up for.  If there was ample motivation in the form of prizes for participation in jury house competitions, the evicted houseguests would be all for it.  They're all a bunch of attention whores anyway.  Big Brother should increase their jury house coverage incrementally.  Maybe add a challenge for next season.  If it works, add more for Big Brother 12.  It's a worthy experiment with no real downside. 

Probability of Change: 12%

I don't think CBS is too keen on spending any more money than they have to on Big Brother.  I suspect they like the minimum amount of jury house coverage they can afford to give audiences.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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