Getting to Know More About the 'Big Brother' 11 Populars and Offbeats
Getting to Know More About the 'Big Brother' 11 Populars and Offbeats
The promos are done with, the house has been revealed, the houseguests have already been introduced, and now the premiere of Big Brother 11 will air in just a few hours.  Before we get to that though, it would be best to prepare ourselves for what's to come.  Like setting up weapons before the war, let's get familiar with the personalities that will be dominating this season of the CBS show.

Several of the houseguests did their interviews with Reality Wanted, discussing everything from their strategies to the plans they have if they win the grand prize.  Below, you can read what Jordan, Kevin, Laura, Lydia, Braden and Natalie have to say about themselves.

Populars: Jordan, Laura, Braden

Jordan Lloyd: Claiming that she never really watched Big Brother, this sweet Southern blonde decided to just tune in on YouTube to catch up.  Soon, she found herself rooting for her favorites, such as Lisa Donahue from season 3.
Strategy: Jordan plans to "lay low when I get in the house at first. Kind of like just observe everybody, not trust anyone.  From what I've seen, everybody backstabs everybody."  After which, she'll "sort of ease my way in then kind of form alliances and then be aggressive."

Laura Crosby: This outspoken and determined bikini model is a true Big Brother fan, who really enjoyed season 8.
Strategy: "I'm leaving my emotions, my heart, my feelings at the damn Big Brother front door. Period," she said. "My main strategy is to peel off the cast, and to be smart about a strategy."

Braden Bacha: A surfer-slash-model, he says that if ever he emerged victorious this season, he'd donate his winnings to foundations and even to "third world countries that are more needy."
Strategy: "I wanna build a team, but I wanna fill out players throughout the beginning parts of the show. And kind of start off with a smaller team, and find out some dirt."

Offbeats: Kevin and Lydia (Casey didn't sit down for an interview)

Kevin Campbell: A graphic designer from California, Kevin is one dramachine who looks up to Janelle of Big Brother 6. "I love the bitch," he said.  "She was gorgeous, she knew the game, she really tried hard, she was a great game player!"
Strategy: "How I am in this house has no reflection of how I am in reality, because this is a game. So if I'm lying, cheating, stealing, whatever  I need to do to get far, I'm gonna do it," Kevin admitted. " I plan on making genuine relationships, but then destroying them if I have to in order to get far."

Lydia Tavera:
With her tattoos and attitude, she really stands out this season.  While she tries her best to go under the radar at first, she's intent on winning and hopes to open an amateur art gallery with the money.
Strategy: "My strategy for BB11 would be [to] be an ally, not come off as a threat," Lydia explained.  "So if I can get in the house, get people's trust, and have everyone want to keep me to further them in the game, then that would only benefit me."

Don't miss these houseguests on the premiere of Big Brother 11, tonight at 8pm on CBS.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS, On the Flix
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