Exlcusive Interview: Renny, from 'Big Brother 10'
Exlcusive Interview: Renny, from 'Big Brother 10'
After all that we've seen on Big Brother, it is near impossible to dislike Renny.  Call her annoying, call her insane, call her volatile, whatever, Renny's overarching goodness is difficult to ignore.  The New Orleans lady about town played a solid game, putting forth a veiled sort of intelligence.  Renny knows people, and generally held all the right suspicions about her fellow houseguests, especially later in the Big Brother season.  Her presence will be missed, though I'd love some footage of Renny defending Keesha's honor in the jury house.  Renny kindly answered some email questions we sent her before making the long trek to the jury house.  You will find the answers, unedited and in their entirety, below. 

Renny, how much different was the Big Brother experience from what you expected it to be? 

It  was much more difficult than I ever could imagine.  The difference being it's much more work in manuering people than I expected.

What was the most pleasant surprise and why? Biggest disappointment?

The most pleasant surprise was the steak and Lobster feast.  The biggest disappointment naturally would be the fact I lost the game.

Did you have a gameplan going into the house?  Did you follow it? 

I had a gameplan going into the house.  I followed it as best I could, however gameplans somehow don't pan out.  Actually when your playing in the BB house you sometimes have to go with the game plays you.

Looking back on the season, what was the biggest mistake you made in the Big Brother house? 

The biggest mistake I made was not winning the Rock A Bye Veto.  

What would you have done differently if given the chance? 

I would have studied the Memory Wall with my glasses and magnifying glass.

Who, if anyone, do you think was unlucky and should have gotten farther in the game? 

Angie was unlucky with Keesha, and I feel she should have gotten further in the game.

Is there anyone who you wish you had had a better relationship with in the house?

I had relationships with the houseguests I connected with. If I didn't have a relationship in the house it wasn't meant to be.  So the answer is no one!

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl
(Image Courtesy of CBS)
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