Exclusive Interview: Kail Harbick, 5th Evicted from 'Big Brother 8'
Exclusive Interview: Kail Harbick, 5th Evicted from 'Big Brother 8'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Kail Harbick, the 37-year-old multi-business owner from Oregon became the fifth person evicted from the Big Brother 8 house on Thursday by a narrow vote of 4-3.  From early in the game, Evel Dick Donato started picking on her, though by the end she started taking it with a grain of salt.  She became the third consecutive person voted out who was a member of the so-called Mrs. Robinson Alliance.

Kail spoke with BuddyTV shortly after her eviction to discuss why she's relieved to be out of the house now, her feelings on Amber's meltdown this week, and who she thinks will win the entire game.  Below you will find a complete transcript of our interview as well as the mp3 audio file.

Hi this is John from Buddy TV and we are talking to Kail, the latest houseguess evicted from Big Brother 8. How you doing Kail?

Doing well thank you.

Now you have been on the block for the last three weeks. How many of those times were you certain you were going to stay and how many did you think you were going to go?

Only the second time on the block I was pretty certain I was going to stay, but I was never 100 percent sure. I know how fast that house can flip and it's very risky to go on the block even as a pawn. So it was always in the back of my mind that I could be going home I was never 100 percent confident that I was staying.

Were you ever 100 percent certain that you were going to be going?

No. Same with that too, no I was never 100 percent sure I'd be going either.

I'd like to talk about this latest veto challenge. In it you bid the maximum for everything except the last one. You almost went all the way bidding $249,000-something. Why not just put in that extra thousand?

Because I knew the rules, they were that we couldn't have the same number any of us still playing. She couldn't put $250,000 and I couldn't put $250,000 or we'd both loose. So, I gambled that she would go all the way...so I went right under her.

That makes sense with the rules. I'm wondering now that you are eliminated, if you would have lasted one more week you would be in the sequester house as part of the jury. Is it almost a relief to be out now so that you can go back to your family and go back home rather then spend the next month and a half isolated in some house?

Absolutely, 100 percent. If I was to go this is the week to go. I can go back to my husband and my three children. The younger ones, they all want to go to the sequester house and party. I don't. I don't want to live with Evel any longer than I have to. So it's a blessing in disguise, it's bitter sweet. I'm very disappointed to be out of the house, but at the same time if I was to go this is the week to go.

Speaking of Evel, Evel Dick. How did you put up with him, because he gave like a nonstop barrage of bullying to you and Jen, but you didn't seem that fazed by it. How did you deal with all of his insults?

Well, good I kept my poker face well because deep down I was dying. Basically I stayed clear away from him. There towards the end I didn't say anything to him. You couldn't say anything to him without him repeating it and twisting it. It could be the slightest thing, so I stayed clear away from him. That is how I dealt with him.

For this past week it seemed as if he all of a sudden was on your side. Were you part of any agreement with him or was that not to your knowledge?

No, it felt so good just to know that I wasn't going to be on the end of his rage. When he talked to Jen and I in the hammock we were just like, "Yeah, we understand that type of thinking. Yeah, I would like a break from each other and let the other houseguests start doing something." Why are we doing their dirty work between the two of us while they are just watching us? I was like, "Yeah, I understand that type of thinking, I agree with that type of thinking," but as far as aligning myself with him I don't believe we had that conversation. I would have been more than open to work with Daniele knowing that Evel would be in the corner, but not with me directly.

OK. What is your take on…there has been a lot made about Amber this week and her meltdown. Being in the house I am wondering how you and the other houseguests reacted to her this week?

Amber is high maintenance. Amber, believe it our not, is controlling the mood of the house. She seems....if she is happy, the house is happy, if she is upset then the house is upset. She is territorial with her friends, which is Dustin and Jameka. She is like, "These are my friends and you can't be friends with them." She is an emotional person.

That she is. With Jessica as the new HoH, is there anyway Dick and Daniele can avoid be nominated?

Yes, I think so. Evel gets along with Jessica and so does Daniele. If Jessica puts those two up I think it will be because that is what the house wants her to do. I think deep down she is very close to Eric and Eric would probable say, "Hey, put Amber up after what she did." I don't know what Jessica will do, she is a wildcard. No one knows how she is thinking or what she thinks about people.

Interesting insight from a someone who had been living with these people for so long. My final question: who would you like to win the whole thing and who do you think will win the whole game?

Well of course I would like to see Jen win, but I think Jameka will win.

That seems to be a common analysis.

Yeah. The only thing that could hurt Jameka is if she doesn't start making a play here. She made one little play by removing Jen off the block but that is going to start annoying some of the houseguests if she doesn't start doing something.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
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