Exclusive Interview: Jerry, from 'Big Brother 10'
Exclusive Interview: Jerry, from 'Big Brother 10'
Give props to Jerry.  There may have been some minor floating involved in his ascent to final three on Big Brother 10, but the man is 75 years old.  He did something right to make it that far.  Despite being from a different generation than anyone else inside the Big Brother house, Jerry was able to interact with his fellow houseguests.  Jerry wasn't a great social player, but he probably did better than a typical man in his mid-seventies would have.  And, don't forget - the man also won two Head of Households.  That's nothing to sneeze at.  Only Dan had more on Big Brother 10.  Jerry was kind enough to answer some interview questions for us via e-mail after his eviction last night.  You can find his full, unedited answers below. 

How does it feel to get this far, to the final three, and then be evicted?  I imagine it's rather frustrating?

It is not good to go so far and not win, but I will take the experience as a nice moment in my life that I achieved the best I could do.

How would you assess your play in the house?  Did you do what you set out to do?

I played my heart out. Two HoH's. Two POV's . I did not win but I could have. Close but no cigar.

What was most different about life in the Big Brother house than what you expected it to be and why?

The constant bright lights until midnight and the isolation that caused boredom beyond belief.

Are you excited to see any of the people in the jury house?  Who?

Yes.  Ollie, Michelle, and April.

What have you most taken away from your time in the Big Brother house and why?

I have left with a great sense of accomplishment.  To be the oldest Player in Reality TV at 75 and to make it to the final three was rewarding.

What would you have done differently if given the chance?

I would have slowed down in the beginning and played a little nicer if I could have gotten through the first HOH cleaner.

What are your plans for after the season?

Go home to Texas. Maybe speak at some senior organizations about fitness.  Demonstrate to seniors that staying healthy takes work

Play golf and a little poker.  I will go to Pennsylvania and see my 10 and eight year old grandsons.

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl
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