Exclusive Interview: Jen Johnson, 'Big Brother 8'
Exclusive Interview: Jen Johnson, 'Big Brother 8'
With Jen Johnson out of the Big Brother house, whose everyone going to get mad at?  What will Evil Dick do?  Jen was a controversial figure on Big Brother 8, and by the end of her stay she had become an extremely polarizing figure.  Either you were on Jen's side, or you were on Dick's side.  No in-between.  Her ability to seem unfazed by anything angered her houseguests to no end, but Jen just kept on being Jen.  With all the evicted houseguests now heading to the sequester house, our interviews have to of the written variety.  So, we sent in a batch of questions to CBS and Jen answered them in writing.  What follows are Jen's exact, unedited answers.

Did you go into Big Brother with a specific game plan?

I really just wanted to maintain my Jenuine attitude and my Jenerous attitude, other then that I figured I would wait and see what was in store for me and then work on a plan.

The way you acted in the house: would you say that you decided to put on a specific persona or were you mostly just yourself?

I was mostly myself, I am jeneraly a happy upbeat person. I have always been determined and competitive, so really I think that for the most part it was me.

Why don't you think you and Dick never got along?

That's a question to ask Dick that I am sure will get some horrible response, hopefully all of these questionnaires won't involve me too much because I could only imagine what he'll say.

Dick had some pretty abusive tirades directed towards you?  Can you tell us about how you dealt with it and how much did it effect you personally while in the house?

Dick was very rude towards me pretty much the entire summer and I can honestly say that it didn't really effect me much at all. I really feel that when someone is yelling false statements at you its not really a personal attack, it's just yelling, not saying its pleasant, it just wasn't affecting as it would if they truly were personal attacks.

Who do you think will win and why?

No Idea, there is still 7 people in the house and anything can happen at anytime.

Who are you rooting for?


Is there anyone in the house who you would like to see socially outside of Big Brother?

Kail, Mike, Nick, Carol, Joe and maybe Eric, Jessica, Jameka, Amber?

What's the biggest thing you're going to take away from your time on Big Brother?

Really just knowing that I can really make good out of any situation and that I am put in, and that I am true to myself at all costs.

What was the best  and the worst part about being on Big Brother?

Best- Learning so much about myself and having an experience that I will not forget.

Worst- Being so mistreated by another human being and learning that people like Dick actually exist in this world.

(Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl)
(Image Courtesy of CBS)