Dick Donato - Keeping it Real inside 'Big Brother'
Dick Donato - Keeping it Real inside 'Big Brother'
When Big Brother finally ended two weeks ago, the spotlight was naturally on its eventual winner, Dick Donato.  But aside from the limelight coming from his somewhat controversial triumph, numerous questions arose surrounding the true nature of his relationship with his daughter and regarding the abuse he heaped profusely on practically all of his fellow houseguests.

Reality Wanted had a chance to catch up with the man known in the Big Brother world as Evil, immediately after the finale.  The 44-year old, fiery haired and even more fiery-tongued bartender took on even their most direct inquiries.

Tops on the list of questions was Dick's treatment of his Big Brother co-inhabitants.  Reality Wanted needed to know whether his bullish tactics were just part of his game plan or if Dick is just as evil beyond CBS' social experiment.

“Calling people out and into a confrontation is me and it worked well for me in the house,” Dick confessed.  “In one way or another it hit everyone in the house.  I think it's very funny that the vote was 5 – 2.  So after I took the hearts out of five of the houseguests and stomped on them they still voted for me.  It's a trip!  I totally had fun with it.  Watching Jen's meltdown was one of the highlights of my summer.  Banging pots over Dustin's head - come on that ruled!”

Big Brother season 8's arguably unpopular winner also spoke about past and future Big Brother tournaments.  Dick Donato named some of his past Big Brother favorites and commented on the chances of him making an appearance in special Big Brother editions.

“I admired Will and Will's game play, but I knew coming in to the game I could not play like Will,” Donato remarked about one of his past Big Brother idols.  “Will played in different ways than I did and didn't go on personal attacks.  I enjoyed watching Will more than anyone.  I always said my favorite player was Will and he almost won All Stars.  I'm not Will so I played a different game a very different way.”

When asked if he would consider taking part in a future All Star, Donato had this to say:  “If it's six years from now and I am 50 years old, these competitions would kill me since I'm already 44.  But like most of us I tend to forget the bad and only recall the good, so if it came down to it I would probably do it.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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