'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: A Surprising Power Duo Emerges
'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: A Surprising Power Duo Emerges
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Celebrity Big Brother is about to premiere, but CBS turned on the live feeds for one final sneak peek before they turn on permanently starting at 9pm PT on Wednesday night. And this time, we got some major game talk from a surprising and unlikely power couple.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.

During this sneak peek, Shannon Elizabeth and Omarosa were talking about the game and they seem to be very closely aligned. Also, they revealed that Keshia Knight Pulliam used her secret twist power and became the real first HoH, replacing Shannon who won the first competition.

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Shannon and Omarosa talked to Chuck Liddell, explaining that they are going to keep him (he's on the block next to the target, James Maslow) and they want to work with him moving forward in secret. However, they are still working with the all-girl alliance.

The concern for Shannon and Omarosa is that Brandi, Ariadna and Marissa are very close with Ross, and they view that as a powerful foursome. They know that Ross and Marissa have a secret alliance and Omarosa is worried that Keshia's head isn't in the game, though she seems to be their third.

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They also discussed plans for next week, with the assumption that James will be evicted. They believe the other girls would nominate Chuck and Metta. Omarosa really wants to target Ross because he's made it very obvious that he has a problem with her. Shannon is worried that she'll be backdoored and they're both concerned that if Mark wins HoH, he'd nominate both of them.

That seems to be the current status of the game. There's an all-girl alliance, but Shannon and Omarosa are hedging their bets because they feel outnumbered by the Brandi, Ariadna, Marissa and Ross quartet. Shannon and Omarosa want to scoop up Chuck, Mark is apparently starting to crack and Metta is totally clueless.

How do you feel about Shannon and Omarosa as a power duo?

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