'Celebrity Big Brother' Recap: An Emotional Second Live Eviction
'Celebrity Big Brother' Recap: An Emotional Second Live Eviction
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Believe it or not, we're already at the halfway point of Celebrity Big Brother. It's Day 13 of a 26-day season and the finale is less than two weeks away. And yet this episode only features the second eviction, with a live Power of Veto competition.

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The entire episode is built upon the drama of whether or not HoH Ross Mathews will execute a plan to backdoor Shannon Elizabeth, despite making a Final 4 deal with her on Friday afternoon. However, a very emotional and personal issue gets in the way.

A Backdoor Plan

Omarosa decides to lay low and play nice after the nomination ceremony. Ross doesn't buy it. However, she may be safe because Brandi and Ariadna are plotting and think that taking out Shannon is the smart play because she's such a huge threat, especially aligned with James. They are worried that those two will win every competition, clearly revealing that they don't know that much about the game. Shannon and James may be good, but they're not going to sweep the many, many HoHs and PoVs to come.

They go to Ross and push their anti-Shannon agenda hard. Brandi wants to get rid of Shannon and then bring in Keshia. Ross is worried that Shannon will evict him next week if he doesn't do this.

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Ross talks to Marissa about the idea and even though Marissa and Shannon are friends outside of the house, Marissa is on board with backdooring her. Ross is getting a serious case of HoH-itis, wanting to make a big, epic move.

Ross brings the idea of backdooring Shannon to Mark and he's open to it. He admits to us that he's playing a floater game and he's happy about it, especially since this would get all of the blood on Ross' hands. Mark wants to talk to James, but Ross and Marissa tell him not to do it.

Brandi insists that Shannon will win the game and they will NEVER get another opportunity to take her out. Um, there are still seven more people getting evicted after this before the Final 2, and it's highly doubtful Shannon will win HoH or PoV every single time. Ross just isn't sure if he can pull the trigger.

Omarosa in the White House

Omarosa opens up more about politics, talking about the crackdown on DACA and how she's seen the plans for how rounding them up is going to get worse. Omarosa even adds that Vice President Mike Pence would be even worse than Trump because he's an extremist who believes that Jesus literally talks to him. The show is milking every last drop of this Trump gossip just in case Omarosa is evicted tonight.

In contrast, we get a whole segment of Metta World Peace being a crazy person, sitting in the hot tub, talking to the camera and making the inflatable ducks (which are actually flamingoes) fight.

The Live Power of Veto Competition

Ariadna, Marissa and Shannon are also playing. It's a knock-out quiz where they are shown a billboard and asked a question where the answer is a number. The winner picks the next two people until only one person remains.

Ross vs. Keshia: Keshia is right and knocks out Ross.
Shannon vs. Omarosa: Shannon is wrong and gets eliminated.
Ariadna vs. Marissa: Marissa is right and knocks out Ariadna.
Keshia vs. Omarosa: Keshia is wrong and gets eliminated.
Omarosa vs. Marissa: Marissa is right.

Marissa wins the Power of Veto!

We see Ross, Marissa, Brandi and Ariadna trying to make a deal with Keshia. However, it's all backwards. Keshia is crying and really wants to go home to her daughter. If they use the Power of Veto on her and backdoor Shannon, Keshia wants them to promise that they will nominate her and evict her next. Yes, that's the insane deal on the table, but Ross brings up that if someone like James wins the next HoH, they can't promise that Keshia will go home.

Marissa does NOT use the Power of Veto.

Well, I guess Shannon lucked out thanks to the fact that Keshia wants to go home and Marissa has a big heart. After all of that talk of a backdoor, they didn't pull the trigger. But will it get back to Shannon and James?

The Live Eviction

Keshia asks them all to vote to evict her because her breast milk is depleted and she misses her baby. She also tries to throw Shannon under the bus to James, first claiming that nominating him was Shannon's idea, then backtracking and saying it was everyone's decision. Omarosa loves Keshia like a sister and asks everyone to do what Keshia wants. This is surreal.

Shannon votes to evict...Keshia
Ariadna votes to evict...Keshia
Brandi votes to evict...Keshia
James votes to evict...Keshia
Mark votes to evict...Keshia
Marissa votes to evict...Keshia (and she's mad she didn't get to use her Veto)
Metta votes to evict...Keshia (after Julie Chen stops him to make sure he votes correctly)

Keshia is evicted 7-0.

Well, I suppose this isn't technically quitting, but it's damn close. This is definitely the happiest anyone has ever been to get evicted and it's a big lovefest with Keshia promising to contact everyone's families. In her interview with Julie, Keshia is a huge breast milk advocate. Keshia is pleasantly surprised by Omarosa as a human being.

How do you feel about Keshia's decision?

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