Brendon and Rachel Get Drunk with Power on 'Big Brother 12'
Brendon and Rachel Get Drunk with Power on 'Big Brother 12'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Big Brother 12 has officially become The Brendon and Rachel Show. After starting an early showmance, the two were the first nominees, Brendon won the first Power of Veto, and now Rachel is the Head of Household. If you're anyone else in the house, prepare to get a lot less TV time than you'd hope.

Fans with Showtime got a sneak peek at what we'll see this Sunday during last night's live feed broadcast when Rachel got the key to her HoH room. Among the many snacks and treasures was a bottle of tequila, a bottle that no longer exists thanks to Brendon and Rachel's night of debauchery.

Power and alcohol are a dangerous combination, especially under the stress of the Big Brother house. After finishing the bottle, the lovebirds cuddled and made out while professing their undying devotion for one another. If you're easily nauseated by saccharine displays of doe-eyed emotion, stay away.

The drunken night also revealed a lot about their plans for the week. In the privacy of the HoH bedroom, Rachel had no problem blurting out that Monet is who she wants gone this week, and if she wins the PoV, then it's Britney's time to go. In the defense of those two girls, Money and Britney are completely aware of the fact that one of them will most likely be going home next Thursday.

The fabulous evening of tequila on Showtime's live feeds reached its climax when Brendon and Rachel escaped the cocoon of the HoH room and stumbled down the stairs where all the others HGs were in awe of how sloppy drunk they were. Rachel spent most of the night giggling like an insane person and making off-color sexual innuendos about what she and Brendon will be doing in the HoH room this week, and the other HGs simply stared and laughed.

It made for excellent TV, but a fairly predictable week of Big Brother 12. Unless there's a serious shake-up, Monet and Britney will be the two nominees and one of them will go home.

More interesting is knowing where people's allegiances lie. Brendon and Rachel are under the impression that the house is divided and that they have Hayden, Kristen, Andrew and Ragan on their side. Little do they know that Hayden is still working with the Brigade, telling them all about how he's in with Brendon and Rachel.

Right now Hayden may be playing the best game, but if push comes to shove and Brendon and Rachel learn about the Brigade, he's screwed.

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