Braden Blows His Top on 'Big Brother 11'
Braden Blows His Top on 'Big Brother 11'
The live feeds were abuzz with rage when surfer/model/actor Braden unleashed his fury on Lydia on Big Brother 11.  Unfortunately, an unsuspecting Kevin got in the way and Surfer Boy made it all the worse for him.

If you haven't been updated with the latest on this season, you'd have no clue what Braden was angry about.  It concerns the already finished Power of Veto challenge, and for the rest of this story to make sense, you might need to check out the spoiler article here or this week's PoV ceremony recap.

Moving on, Braden began yelling at Lydia for putting him on the block.  She knew this was coming, but the surprise came when Kevin got involved.  Braden began cursing at the Off Beats and eventually the racist comments started pouring into the BB backyard.

"Who the f*ck are you?" Braden shouted at Kevin.  "You're a f*cking Mexican.  You're a f*cking Beaner from Mexico."

Lydia then screamed, "Do not disrespect a culture that way!"  An outraged Kevin goes sputtering about the Beaner remark, and he seems annoyed at how no one ever gets his ethnicity right.  We may have to hear that explanation consisting of made-up words again.

Anyway, Lydia snarls "I'm done with you!  You're dead!  F*ck-off!  Kiss my f*cking Latina ass!" and ends up storming into the house.  She presumably looks for the other HGs to back her up but Kevin isn't done with Braden yet.

"You're so f*cking racist.  I'm a Beaner?  You don't even know what a Beaner is! What ethnicity am I, MF?"

Braden calmly responds, "I could care less."

"You don't even know me," Kevin went on.  "You never even had a conversation with me.  And Lydia had nothing to do with this."

Jeff intervenes, telling the two to talk it out rationally.  However, Kevin wouldn't let things go.

"I'm not even a Mexican, MF!" he tells Braden.  "You're so full of sh*t.  You lie constantly.  You're the running joke of the house."

Braden acted nonchalant for the rest of the argument, which was taking too long.  Soon the others joined in, with Jeff being the mediator of the group.

"You [Braden] could have just made her [Lydia] feel bad for being a traitor," he said.  "Why go after Kevin?  He didn't have anything to do with you being nominated."

Sooner or later, the fury dies out and things run smoothly in the house.  Braden tried to compensate by buddying up with the guys.  He targeted Jesse, talked to him about his celebrity connections and it looks like the two are forming a bond.  They even hope to be pals after Big Brother is over.

The first battle seems to be finished, but we're sure there's going to be more drama to come.  These scheming HGs won't go down without a fight.  Obviously.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS, Reality TV Calendar
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