Big Brother: Week 8 Power of Veto Recap
Big Brother: Week 8 Power of Veto Recap
Well, when it comes to Big Brother, the saying really holds true: "Expect the unexpected".  Who would have predicted that, on Sunday night, Jerry would win HOH when it mattered most?  It seemed that Dan and Memphis would be his targets but Memphis is quite the little deal maker.  He shook hands and agreed to go with Jerry to final two when we're all pretty sure he has no intention of keeping that promise.  Memphis kept himself off the block but Dan still went up against Keesha.  Tonight's POV competition was perhaps the most important of the season, as nobody felt safe.  Read on to find out who won, who's safe, and who's in danger of being evicted.

Memphis, The Deal Maker

Memphis has final two deals with everyone in the house, except Renny.  Somehow, he thinks that this won't come back to haunt him or become his undoing in the game.  He probably doesn't care because all he wants is someone, anyone, to take him to final two.  Second place leaves with 50K and he's okay with that.  Still, I'm hoping that his true alliance is, in fact, The Renegades and he and Dan coast to the finale together.

Memphis, The Veto Winner

Don't ask me how it took Renny something like 23 minutes to recognize the morphed faces of Big Brother houseguests as babies but it did.  She couldn't have moved slower if she tried.  When the times were revealed, it came down to Memphis and Dan, who both finished in under 3 minutes.  Memphis ended up being 8 seconds faster and won the POV.  He did decide to use it, breaking his deal with Jerry, and keeping his with Dan, pulling him off the block.  With no other choice, Renny is now up on the block against Keesha.

Memphis, The Power Holder

Okay, so tonight's episode was fairly boring outside of Dan and Renny's shenanigan's and Memphis's wheels and deals.  I was left to try to sort out what will happen on Thursday's live eviction.  My gut says that Renny will go but if The Renegades have a brain, they'll unload Keesha while they have the opportunity. 

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- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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