'Big Brother Canada' Finale: The Wrong Person Wins in Voting Screw-Up
'Big Brother Canada' Finale: The Wrong Person Wins in Voting Screw-Up
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Big Brother fans, the U.S. version doesn't return for season 15 until the end of June, but Canada just ended its first ever edition of the popular reality franchise, and it was the craziest ending ever.

The wrong person won. That's not a judgment on who deserved it more. The wrong person LITERALLY won after a jury member screwed up and didn't vote for the person they meant to vote for.

An accidental screw-up by one of the jury members changed the final result and led to 27-year-old teacher Jillian MacLaughlin defeating the flamboyant 21-year-old Gary Levy by a vote of 4-3. But it should've been the other way around.

As all Big Brother fans know, at the end of the game, the seven jury members each vote for the person who they want to win the game. Well, one person didn't know that, and her name is Topaz Brady.

Three of the jury members voted for Jillian and three voted for Gary, but the seventh vote came with controversy. When host Arisa Cox announced Topaz's vote for Jillian, people were stunned since Topaz was one of Gary's closest friends in the house. In fact, even Topaz was stunned.

She raised her hand and stormed the stage, interrupting the final jury count to announce that a mistake had been made and someone had switched her vote. She intended to vote for Gary to win and wanted a revote, which was denied. Arisa handled it calmly, explaining repeatedly that the rules were made very explicit for everyone in the jury.

After a commercial break, the Big Brother Canada crew showed a close-up of Topaz's vote, revealing that she did, in fact, vote for Jillian. It wasn't a conspiracy, it was just Topaz's own mistake.

Topaz's incorrect vote remained and Jillian won the first season of Big Brother Canada, though it has to come with a huge asterisk next to it. Check out the chaos for yourself.

How could this possibly have happened, you may be asking? Well, Topaz was rather flighty in the house and often didn't seem to fully understand the rules of any competition she played. So it wasn't a complete shock that she messed up the final vote, but it will certainly have her feeling like a total moron since she cost her friend the victory.

This wasn't the only controversy of the season. An early HoH competition was won by Emmett, but accusations of cheating followed. In the challenge, contestants had to transfer balls to cages on their legs, then run them back to a container they needed to fill up. You weren't allowed to transfer balls with your hands, but in the chaos of a live competition, some HGs did, including the ultimate winner. Emmett's win was later voided and he (along with the other HGs who were caught cheating) automatically became Have-Nots for the week and weren't allowed to compete in the replacement HoH competition.

I followed some of Big Brother Canada, and I'm actually relieved that Topaz's error led to Jillian winning. Jillian made a strong alliance with her showmance, Canadian dairy farmer Emmett Blois, and the two dominated competitions. Emmett won two HoH competitions and three PoVs before getting evicted in third place. However, Jillian wasn't the typical weak woman hiding behind a strong man (I'm looking at you, Jordan Lloyd). Jillian actually won four HoH competitions on her own, more than anyone else all season.

Additionally, Gary was actually evicted in eighth place, but due to a ridiculous twist where Canada got to vote for one jury member to re-enter the game as a player once they reached the final four, he returned and managed to win a PoV and the final HoH to go to the end.

Personally, the idea of someone who got evicted and who did absolutely nothing to deserve a second chance to play the game other than getting Canada's votes made me upset. If he had won, it would've been a testament to production manipulation. Though the way it did end isn't much better.

However you feel, I just hope and pray Big Brother 15 in the United States doesn't add any of Canada's crazy twists like letting the public vote for an extra Power of Veto in one week or letting America vote for a jury member to return to the game. Keep it pure, keep it clean and, hopefully, everyone who competes on Big Brother in the future will learn from Topaz's mistake and understand the rules first.

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