Big Brother 9: Week 4 Eviction Recap
Big Brother 9: Week 4 Eviction Recap
Big Brother 9 let it all hang out tonight.  There was not one, but two major twists on tonight's episode.  Big Brother put a couple of contestants through the proverbial ringer, and left one emotionally beaten down.  The twists were about what everybody expected, and for the first time all season, I'm actually excited for the next new episode of Big Brother.  I'd like to know what all the Big Brother fans thought about tonight's events.  Please comment below and let your voice be heard.  What did you think about the most action-packed eviction episode in recent memory?

Matt the Liar

Before we get to the real meat of the eviction episode, we see some vote preamble.  Matt shows that he is indeed over-playing the game and trying to get on the good side of everyone in the house.  We see him assuring both Adam and Ryan, on separate occasions, that he will be voting with them.  James is astute enough to pick up on this and brings in Matt, Ryan and Adam to clear the air.  He calls out Matt and Matt ends up looking really stupid. 

Eviction #1 and The Alarm

By a vote of two to zero, Ryan and Allison are evicted from the house...or so everyone thinks.  The front door is locked, they can't leave and then that infamous alarm goes off.  The house guests all sat down in the living room and were told by Julie that, from that moment on, the house guests will be playing the game as individuals.  Not only that, but one member of the evicted couple would indeed be going home. 

Eviction #2

The house guests then have to conduct a live vote in order to evict either Ryan or Allison.  Unsurprisingly, Allison is voted out of the house unanimously, 6-0.  It was a brutal and emotional forty minutes for Allison and she cries during her exit interview with Julie.

A Remarkable Turn of Events, plus One More Twist

In the first individual HoH challenge Ryan, who thought he was going home thirty minutes earlier, ended up victorious.  Julie asked the house guests a series of True or False questions regarding the chronology of in-house events.  It came down to Adam and Ryan, but Ryan was the victor. At the end of the episode, Julie informs us that one of the evicted house guests will be re-entering the house soon.  The house guest will be chosen by an on line fan vote.

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