Big Brother 9: Week 4 Eviction, Live Results
Big Brother 9: Week 4 Eviction, Live Results
Big Brother 9 hits us with the biggest surprise of the season tonight.  Or, that's at least what Julie Chen tells us.  And, as we know, you can never trust Julie Chen.  Will the crazy alarm go off and change tonight's eviction?  Will some evicted houseguests return to the house?  If so, who?  How many?  In what capacity?  My hunch is, that regardless of what the twist is, either Sheila and Adam or Allison and Ryan will be evicted for good tonight.  But, I've been wrong before.  I'll be here all episode giving live updates as the eviction goes down.

The houseguests are all very paranoid about this alarm. 

Matt reassures Ryan that Adam and Sheila are going home.  He's probably lying.  He does the same thing with Adam.  Allison campaigns to James and Chelsia, who seem completely uninterested.

James figures out that Matt has promised both nominated couples their votes.  In response, James calls out Matt in front of Adam and Ryan.  Matt looks like an idiot, and it kind of makes me happy.  I love glorious call outs.  This makes James and Chelsia's vote very interesting. 

Time for Julie to talk with the houseguests.  We talk about the siren.  The players give some theories.  James thinks that they may split into individual players.  Matt's ridiculous theory is that there's an identical Big Brother house next door full of exes.  Umm, wrong.  We talk excruciatingly about Matt and Natalie's massages.  Now, we talk to Matt and Natalie's friends from back home. 

We talk to some of Natalie's bikini coffee shop co-workers.  We see some of Natalie's art, which is actually quite good.  They talk about Natalie's romantic past - she lets men walk all over, apparently.  They don't think it's good that Natalie has fallen for Matt.  Matt's friends agree that he's in the house for the money.  When he falls for a girl, he goes full bore.  Natalie is not that person.

Julie tells us that when the evicted house guests leave the house, the siren will go off.

Once the siren goes off, the game will change into an individual one AND only one of evicted team members will be going home.  One will stay.

Allison and Ryan have been evicted.  That was quick.  It's almost siren time, folks.  I wonder how they'll decide which one stays.  Will it just be a race back into the house? 

Oh, the door will not open.  The alarm goes off and, for the time being, both Ryan and Allison remain.  Julie announces that the game is now an individual one.  When Julie announces this, the house guests go wild. 

Ha!  Now, there will be a live vote between Allison and Ryan. 

After the break, we return to the living room.  Allison and Ryan are given one last chance to plead their case to their fellow houseguests.  Ryan says "you know" a lot.  Allison cries during her speech.  I'm guessing it's not that effective.  I guarantee she goes home. 

Adam votes to evict Allison.

Chelsia votes to evict Allison.

Matt votes to evict Allison.  This looks like a rout. 

Sheila votes to evict Allison.

And that's official.

Natalie votes to evict Allison. 

James votes to evict Allison.

That's embarrassing.  I'm happy for Ryan, though. 

Allison leaves the house.  Kind of a wave of emotions for Allison.  She doesn't want to say goodbye to anyone and storms out.  In her interview with Julie, Allison is sad and depressed.  Aww.

Time for our first individual Head of Household competition of the season.  Joshuah and Sharon do not compete. 

The competition is called "Time After Time."  Julie asks true or false questions about the time lines of house events.  Answer wrong and you're out.

It comes down to Ryan and Adam.  Cool. 

Ryan is the Head of Household.  Quite a turn of events for Ryan. 

Wow, the next big twist.  Julie announces that one of the five evicted houseguests will return from the game.  How?  America can go to and vote for which house guest they want to see return.  Cool. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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