Big Brother 9: Week 2 Eviction Recap
Big Brother 9: Week 2 Eviction Recap
Our first Big Brother live eviction episode of the season wasn't all that live.  Sure, Julie Chen was there live (I's hard to tell with the Chenbot sometimes), but the votes were not cast live.  This is the major problem I have with the couples system on Big Brother 9.  This was the first vote of the season, yet only four votes were cast.  I think that when it comes to evictions, it should no longer be a team game – they should vote as individuals.  Tonight, CBS aired parts of the brutal shouting match between Joshuah (and Chelsia) and Amanda.  It was pretty ugly, though I'm not sure the broadcast audience was be able to pick up on the words that were bleeped.  Joshuah didn't use your typical F-words and S-words, instead opting to dust off the ol' Jane Fonda Special.  That's right – Josh repeatedly called Amanda the dreaded C-word.  Good times. 

House v. Amanda

Amanda, it turns out, is a huge gossip.  Her need to gossip is contemplated by house guests.  It seems likely that either Amanda is just bored or she really craves attention.  Regardless, it's clear that she routinely makes things up and talks behind people's backs.  Since the house if full of loose lips, the house guests all became fed up at the same time.  Chelsia dropped the first bomb, confronting Amanda in the backyard for her gossip-y ways.  She began yelling at her, but then Josh picked up from there.  He got nasty, really nasty.  He called Amanda ugly, a horse-face, said that everyone hated Amanda and then dropped a number of c-bombs.  Later in the episode, Amanda says that everyone has made up and that both Chelsia and Josh have apologized profusely. 

Jen Calls Her Boyfriend a Racist

So, Jen's a liar.  In a classic “what the hell was she thinking moment?” Jen all of a sudden just tells Sheila that Ryan is a racist.  Her evidence is vague – she says that she once dated a black guy and Ryan is sick at the  mere thought of it.  Generally, I find that all boyfriends are sick at the thought of their current girlfriend having been with anyone.  Regardless, Sheila tells Ryan about Jen's statement and Ryan is pissed.  He tells everyone, Parker most notably, that he is not a racist.  He also gets pissed at Jen, but they make up.  He and Parker seem to be OK, so I'm not sure if I buy Jen's claim. 

Goodbye, Parker and Jen

In a vote of 3-1, Parker and Jen are evicted.  Matt and Natalie were the only couple to vote against Ryan and Allison.  Ryan and Jen have a tearful goodbye.  In the exit interview, Parker is distraught, a bit angry, and Jen is very sad. 

HoH Competition Invokes Deja Vu

The HoH competition was an old favorite – Big Brother Democracy.  The couples are asked six opinion based questions and they have to answer each question how they think the rest of the house will answer the question.  Each question also has ramifications for the house.  They are as follows:

For the next 72 hours, there will be no hot water.

For the next day, the women have to wear swim suits.

For the next week, no one gets to use a drinking cup.

Sometime in the next week, the house gets a margarita party.

The women will cook dinner next week.

For the next two weeks, the house will not have a washing machine.

In the end, Chelsia and James answer every question correctly and they are the new Heads of Household. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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