Big Brother 9: Top 9 Individual Power Rankings
Big Brother 9: Top 9 Individual Power Rankings
Now the game gets interesting on Big Brother 9.  The house guests are finally playing as individuals.  Realistically, it's going to take a week or two to figure out what the new alliances are and to see which house guests will stay aligned with their prescribed partner and who will go off on their own.  The big wild card is which evicted house guest will return to the house.  For instance, if Jen returns to the house, that gives Ryan both a big advantage and puts a target on his back.  I guarantee these power rankings will change drastically by next week once we get a better feel for the new alliances and see who Ryan nominates, but until then this is what I've got.

#9 – Sheila

I have a feeling that Ryan will nominate Sheila, if only because it will be a safe pick.  No one likes Sheila, she complains a lot and gets on everyone's nerves.  The house can take a week to ease into the individual game if Sheila is nominated and considered the presumptive evictee.  Ryan would be smart to throw the house a bone here.

#8 – Adam

Adam has skated through the game and, while I don't particularly think he'll be one of the next few evicted house guests, I see no way that he wins it all.  He'll float on for awhile, but eventually he'll become another safe pick for eviction.  I wouldn't be surprised if he was put up on the block with Sheila this coming week.

#7 – Natalie

Given Matt's jubilant celebration after the announcement that the game would now be an individual one, we can assume that he will no longer be partnering with Natalie in any way, shape or form.  He's grown tired of her.  Unfortunately, this will work as a disadvantage for both players.  Natalie is considered a strong competitor, and will thusly be considered a target.

#6 – Matt

After witnessing James calling out Matt on last night's show, everyone in the house has to recognize the degree to which Matt is trying to play everybody.  Josh, Sharon, Ryan, James and Chelsia are now well aware of the threat Matt poses and he'll become a popular choice for nomination.  Not this week, but soon.

#5 – Ryan

If Jen returns to the house, I'm not sure what will happen.  But, let's assume she doesn't.  Ryan is well-liked by the house, but hasn't appeared too interested in playing the game.  Maybe that will change with Allison out of the house and unable to screw up his game.  Still, I think his unwillingness to ruthlessly compete will signal his downfall.

#4 – James

James is part of what looks like a strong four-pronged alliance, but I think he'll be the first one ousted from it.  He takes too much pleasure from calling people out and making them look stupid.  While I appreciate his non-nonsense approach, it'll come back to bite at some point.

#3 -Chelsia

Chelsia is playing a subtle game.  Not doing too much, not getting on anyone's nerves and working within a stable alliance with James.  But, does she have the killer instinct?  I'm going to say no. 

#2 – Sharon

Sharon was insightful enough to pick up on Matt's charm tactics, and this makes me think she'll go far in the game.  Her alliance with Josh is what makes me place her this high, however.  This is the power couple that the rest of the house should be worried about.

#1 -Joshuah

Call this the Dick Donato Precedent.  Josh is such a lose cannon and big personality that I think other house guests will be wary of nominating him simply because they don't want to put up with his wrath for an entire week.  I think Josh is smart enough to know this.  But, then again, he's capable of burning bridges very easily.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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