Big Brother 9: Top 5 Couples Power Rankings
Big Brother 9: Top 5 Couples Power Rankings
Lost in all this madness (hospital visits, fake lesbians, gay porn, quasi-orgies, c-word fights) inside the Big Brother 9 house is the fact that there's not a whole lot of strategery going on.  Not for lack of trying, mind you.  It's just that having couples compete instead of individuals is not at all conducive to alliances and game play.  Getting two people to play the same game, have the same friends and act in a totally unilateral manner is unreasonable.  Since this is the case, it's very difficult to figure which couple has the upper hand.  When you add to the mix the very real possibility that an evicted house guest or two may come back to the house at some point (all four evicted house guests remain in sequester at this moment), this thing is completely wide open.  However, I'm going to do my best to sift through all the nonsense and tell you is has the best chance at winning the half million.

#5 - Natalie and Matt 

Whether they deserve it or not, Matt and Natalie have a huge target on their backs.  The house guests believe that they are the strongest team in the house and, as a result, they will keep getting put up on the block.

#4 - Sheila and Adam 

I just don't see it.  Maybe they'll float on for awhile, but they definitely don't have the chops to win it all.  As we witnessed last episode, Sheila is both crazy and stupid.  Not a great combination. 

#3 - Ryan and Allison

Ryan, without Jen around, has seemed disinterested lately.  Allison is getting on well with the rest of the house guests, but it always seems that Allison stirs up conflict with the others.  It's possible they could get further, but I don't know. 

#2 - James and Chelsia

I almost put these two in the number one slot, but thought better of it.  James is too much of a loose cannon and Chelsia isn't the smartest girl in the world.  I could see them winning the final vote, but not as easily as this last couple. 

#1 - Sharon and Joshuah

It's just a hunch.  Sure, Josh is prone to fights and Sharon is kind of blah, but after the more than impressive HoH performance on Wednesday, I have a feeling these two will have the mental edge throughout the competition.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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